Joshua tree cartoons

My next event is the biggest event I have done before. Arizona Trail Race 300. It is my A+ event of the year and I am really excited for it. I have a hall pass and I am going to be there!! April 15th. No entry fee, no prizes, absolutely no support. The training countdown clock says 5 weeks to go. What that means for me is that all my speed work, VO2max and threshold work is done. All my intervals are done and cross country racing is done.

Now the plan from here to AZT is to ride a LOT at my happy smile pace :-) Pack up my bike and head off into the desert for a few days. I did just that last weekend.

I had the pleasure of DH’s company too which made me very happy. An adventure with DH is always a good time. We explored the Woodbury desert area and camped in the Joshua tree forest. Joshua trees make crazy shadows near sunrise and sunset.

The silhouettes of the Joshua trees against the night sky turned into dinosaurs and cartoon characters

It is amazing how much stuff you can pack with you on a bike! Unpacked it kinda pukes out into a yard sale

We found some tasty water out there. This one made happy noises, blurp, sqwoosh, blop, splash, blub-blub.

This one had four goldfish swimming around in. Kurt had already been there a couple of weeks ago but didn’t tell us exactly where it was so we were checking every tank we saw. DH riding ahead found it first “the fish” he squealed out as I rode up. Giddy :-)

DH was single speeding and he would crank on ahead and wait for me at waiting places. This one was beautiful. Indian Spring. So much clear beautiful water in such a dry place.

Cartoon characters were out in force this weekend

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