2 days to 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo 2009 edition

OP mania is in full force and I am trying hard to keep a lid on it. I am actually more organized than usual and have most of my packing done. We are hitting the road first thing in the morning. I am racing in the female single-speed solo category. Dave is racing SS too but I think he is in the open men category right now – he might switch??

Real time results will be posted during the event here

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Real Time Scoring

Gears, tires, fuel plan, lights and all the 24 hour goodness = dialed. All we have to do is the drive and we are ready.

I have 2 bikes I am taking. A 29er SS Voodoo Zaka and a 26er Kona Explosif. They weigh about the same and have very similar tires and gears set up. It will be interesting to see at the end of the 24 which is the bike in favor. I have sold bikes the week after rotating them in a 24 hour race…

This is my first time soloing on a SS. One of my 24 hour issues is getting hand tendinitis from shifting so much. Since riding more SS recently that issue has completely disappeared. I wonder what the SS issue is gonna be??

24 hour solo Nationals have been moved venue and date (again!!). This time to 24 Hours of Moab and Oct 10-11th. Now that is something to get really, really excited about!! That is a freakin hard course to solo on….and I love it.

Another thing to get excited about is that new in 2009 is a SS solo 24 hour National Championship category for both men and women. Moab-24-solo-SS…wow that sounds hard. Drooling on my keyboard right now. Practicing a SS solo at OP this week is added fuel to that fire. 24_SS-Solo_Natz is what I will be thinking about at OP if the going gets tough and I have to dig a little.

This season is shaping up to be exciting. With these races and the Breck Epic (vote for me at that link please:-) and an AZT jaunt. Yummy!!

There is crack in da house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Packing as I type! Can’t wait to get out there Friday morning. Praying for dry weather after the mud fest last year and 3 years ago! Just got the new wheels and tires on and tomorrow am putting a new drivetrain – full X.9! See you guys out there.

  2. It’s 3:25 am in CA on Sunday and you are doing well! Keep it up! Little Lady Sofia and I are sending you warm and fuzzy mtb power!

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