2 minutes

I’ve raced here and there on my single speed but never trained specifically for SS racing. This year I am.

Discovering what exactly training specifically for SSing involves is a fun learning curve. One thing I have been tracking recently is my 2 minute power by testing every other week on the road.

Here is what it looks like so far for 2008. I like that upward creep. Today was 313w and is a lifetime 2 min best for me. Coolio.

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  1. I am interested in what specifically you ae doing to train for the SS besides riding the SS. Also, is your 2 minute power on the SS bike or another? Thanks! Good Luck!

  2. Train? Training? Trained? Trainer? Traineotomy? Trainsplant? Train wreck…….?

    Ah yes that’s me, a train wreck. I gotta back on the train!


  3. Initially we (Dave and I of course) looked at lots of data from the SS Power Taps to figure out the demands of SS riding and racing. Dave posted lots of nice QA plots. Interestingly it turned out although my absolute power looks puny I actually have great power:weight up at the high end. I never ever thought of myself as a power rider… My big limiter at the moment for SS racing is holding cadences outside of my 90 rpm comfy zone at threshold. So threshold work at near to spun out cadences (those kill me) and threshold work at near to bogged down cadences ~40rpm (I like those) are in flavor at the moment. In general increasing my ability to ride at threshold in a wide cadence range.

    Lots more ideas being tested and mulled tho – ’tis much fun.

  4. oh.. and my 2 min power tests are done on the road on the road bike – which is a good thing as we have snow here in StG on the trails – yes snow!! Dave has been doing his 2 min tests on the road on his gearie mtb but that is mainly because his road bike is in such poor repair it might break apart with the bionic power he puts into a 2 min test.

  5. Lynda,
    Why a 2 min. max.? I understand the 1 and 5 minute but is 2 more telling for the SS? I’ve been following your SS stuff and am interested in knowing more. I hope to get a couple of races in this year (on the SS), but they usually just hammer me!

  6. 2 min test – mostly cause it is a good test for Race Day (see Dave’s post 2 above this one…) and can be done every other week without a big training flow interruption.

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