2008 Payson Stampede race report

My main goal for Payson was a scouting mission to preview the race site for the 2009 and 2010 24 hour Nationals. That was a success. We saw the course, rode the course, sweated in the pits, churned out power files and logged gps files.

The guys down in Payson love their Stampede. They put the race on with mucho enthusiasm and did everything they could to cater to the racers. After they asked for any feedback to make their race better for next year. That was cool. I have a few things to send them.

My race didn’t go as planned and I was disappointed not to have it on the day. I started with a bad GI, fueled poorly in the heat and stopped on fumes near midnight. I was and am very grumpy about this. I love racing and I really didn’t get to race. It was a show stopper for me. I rode one more lap about 2am and a couple more in the morning to test different pace, IF’s VI’s and Pn’s on the course and to GPS a clean lap.

The course is cool. It will be a super test and produce a true National Champion. It has a bit of everything. The Stampede guys claim it is the hardest 24 hour course in the US – I’m not sure I can back up that claim but it is hard. It is all road with no single track but most of the roads have only one good line and ride very much like single track. The big descent, Rocky Bitch lived up to its name. After Rocky Bitch there are rollers, steep climbs, gradual climbs and some pavement. Really a bit of everything. The winner of this one will be a rider who can do it all.

I got to pre ride the course on Friday with Danielle and Sarah which was super fun. That is a lot of estrogen power ;-)

Sarah and Kong ran our pit and did a fantastic job. It is a treat to have such great help in the pit. While I was still running good laps I was in and out of the pits in 10 seconds according to my power files – cool. Thanks guys.

This is Dave and Kong pre-race!!

I was really pathetic at taking photos this weekend – so here is the latest Emma ride style shot. I love the knee high socks. I’m needing a pair of them for myself I reckon. Her new helmet has red flashing lights that fire off when she shakes her head. I thought about borrowing it for the night at Payson – but didn’t… She is such the style queen. She chooses her own outfits every day. Goes off into her bedroom and shuts the door to get dressed. I wait with anticipation every morning to see the outfits that she comes out with. I didn’t embrace pink until Emma came along into my life.

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  1. Well congrats to both you and Dave. I know you did not have the ride of your life but you hung in there well enough for 2nd.

    Rip it next year!


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