2009 Cholla Challenge Race Report

Fun day! Wes – 1st, Emma – 4th and me – 1st :-) We all came home with ribbons. MtbRace News report here.

They updated the course this year with extra single-track. It’s now a blast whereas before it was ho-hum. The day before rain storm put the course in race perfect shape. It was fast and I rolled it in close to the 90 min mark. What a short race for me! Normally I am just starting to get settled in at the 90 min mark!!

Dave came to be support guru for the day so I could put on my chammy and race. Thanks Dave – you are awesome!

Dave’s first job, minutes before the kids race, was search and rescue to locate Wesley and his pal Scott who had gone off to ride the kids course and not returned. He found them roaming off down in the direction of the Grand Canyon I think. The kids course was poorly marked.

Next up he was Emma’s chaperone in her race.

She was crashed out on the start line by another kid who reportedly came flying in at her from the side. It hurt her leg. Some sobbing pursued then she raced it out for a nice 4th place finish in the 9 and under girls.

Here is the 9 and under boys start. Bryn sporting his new “big” 24″ wheels and Wes right behind. Wheel size is an issue for these kids as we all know bigger wheels are faster…At the last race Bryn was on a 20-er…

Wes and Bryn yo-yoed and battled it out. Wes punched it on the last hill to finish first again. He had to work harder for it this time and came darn near to puking on the finish-line.

Wes and Bryn (yes I’ll be getting Wes a new helmet shortly…)

Next up was my race. Emma took control of the camera and got some great shots while sitting on top of Dave’s shoulders.

The XC gals started super fast – I am not used to that and got caught behind off the line. I made it up to Sue Butler’s wheel with a little tight passing and a few big watt bursts before the first climb. We rode together for the first lap with a brief visit from KC. The second and third laps I rode on ahead and leap frogged through the tail end of the Expert men who started in front of us. The race was over in a flash.

Here I am drilling it up the last climb, just cause…29er uh huh…

1st – me (LWcoaching.com), 2nd Sue Butler (Monavie-Cannondale), 3rd KC Holley (Gary Fisher). Jen Hanks (Revolution/Peak Fasteners), Erika Powers (Revolution/Peak Fasteners) and DJ Morisette (Over The Edge, Hurricane) rounded out the Pro womens field. We have some strong gals here in Utah.

Emma always loves to come to the podium. She is still my wee girly I carry around but she looks huge in this pic. It makes me laugh cause I don’t think of her as being this big.

So that was fun and I will be putting more shorter races into my schedule this year I think…

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  1. Wow, Wes already has your competitive fire! And Emma, finishing strong even with an injury! Great job you guys! Sofia just started crawling this week! She sprinted “crawl across the living room” race!

  2. Wow! I didn’t know James Hetfield raced for the Subaru-GF Team!

    Pretty soon Emma will be saying “outta ma way!!!”

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