That’s how long the Grand Loop took.  Unlike most race finish times, the units are days/hours/minutes.  I covered more ground in less time over much, much more difficult terrain than the solo attempt.  I was racing full gas from go.  It was hard, brutal, beautiful, magical, and required all my reserves.  I loved every minute of it.

It’s a funny thing, this ultra bag of racing.  At the end of the trail there are no crowds or podium girls to shower you with kisses and flowers, just my truck with a broken window, all valuables removed.  The hardest part of the entire affair was driving home after the race.  After a coupla hours at Mike’s place, I was feeling great so hit the road.  Big mistake.  20 min later I was asleep at the wheel and had to go right back into ultra race mode – nap when you have to, give’r gas when you can.  I didn’t get home until sunrise today….and driving the passes without a drivers side window in the night when the bad guys have removed your clothing for you isn’t that fun either.

There seemed no end to magic moments in this venture and over the next few days I’ll think of how best to put them into words and pictures.  For now though, I gotta get my feet back up the wall…it’s time for some serious kankle reduction work.