24 hour natz

Some live and nearly live updates for this weekends championship event:

www.ridewithnickmartin.com will have audio updates.

http://www.eatough.ww.com/ will have a webcam pointed at Chris Eatough’s pit.  Should be educational.  I haven’t seen him in a 24 before, but hear he’s about as organized and efficient as it gets, doing stuff like bringing a chest of drawers to worlds.  Now the world will know.

Karl Etzel at http://www.ride424.com/ is keenly interested in the event (duh!) and will post any info he has…

Ernesto Marenchin may be able to make updates to his blog at http://sologoat.blogspot.com/.  He’s already put some pics up – looks like a flat, fast, non-tech course.  Bummer for him!

I’m all ears if you know of other live updates.