24 Hours of Moab Time!

Live results during the race will be posted from the 24 Hours of Moab Index page. The 2009 Race Webcast link is not up yet.

I haven’t raced Moab since 2006 – you know the rain year… I swore I’d never go back solo after that one! I had fun but it was hell on my equipment and support crew.

BUT this year Moab is the National Championships and this year at Nationals for the very first time ever in the history of the earth there is a women’s solo single speed category on offer. With my single speed obsession still in full swing I can’t pass that one up! Neither can Dave. Dave is a sucker for Moab having raced it at least a gadzillion times.

All USA Cycling 24-hour Championship class winners will be awarded Champions’ medals and Stars & Stripes Jerseys and the designation of 2009 U.S. National Champion in their respective class.

Right now the packing obsession is in full swing. Each 24 I do I find one particular little thing to over obsess on. This time around it is cold feet! After consulting with my favorite Michigan based pro athlete who follows my training plans through all sorts of nutty cold weather I overnighted a box of these puppies. Obsession sorted – thanks Danielle :-)

This table displays another races obsession…

Hi Granny Gear!

As always solo races are not REALLY solo efforts. Our team for this one is filled with loads of mojo. Desert Cyclery will be taking care of the wrenching and JenyJo and Cynthia taking care of everything else we need :-) With this crew, this Moab edition is starting to feel more like a party than a race!!

Game face on :-)

7 replies on “24 Hours of Moab Time!”

  1. Good prep is key, so obsess away, I say! As to the toe warmers, if you haven’t used ’em before, try them out before race day so you can dial in usage–you don’t want cold toes, but you don’t want crispy toes either!

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck! But what the heck is that contraption on your helmet? I think DARPA might be interested…

  3. dave and linda – great job at moab. epic, painful, fun, dusty, coughing out stuff for two days. i loved every second of it. congrats to both of you.

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