25F here is chilly time

We didn’t get the 3-4 inches of snow forecast here in town this week much to the disappointment of  kinders. It has been cold here tho’. Colder than I can remember in December. So cold I was curious and looked up the record temps. The mornings here have been about 25 F. Record low for December here is 3F so we are not breaking any records. Average daily high is normally 55F for December and we hit a high of 32F today.

I had to ride early today as the chindlers get out of escuela early on Fridays. It was 25F when I left the house and 26F when I got home 1.5 hours later. I even rode thru a few snow flurries at the top of Snow Canyon! It is a good opportunity for me to try out my cold weather gear. My feet were happy with the shoe/toe warmer/bootie combo.

This week I have only done short rides and stuck close to home. Partly because of the temps but mostly I because I am torched from Sunday’s adventure.

West Canyon is my gravel grinder recovery route. Mostly flat 54 TSS round trip from home.

Always beautiful it has an extra spark with a smattering of snow on the cliffs.

It was bluebird blue on Wednesday.

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