3 days to Kokopelli Trail Race

This is my second big race of the year. It’s taken planning to a new dimension because of the unsupported aspect. My bike has taken on a new look. 3 waterbottle cages and a ton of things velcroed and taped all over the place in the effort to get the weight off my back. I hammered it out on some sandy ledgy trails today and nothing fell off it so we are ready to go. I’ll be carrying extra tape and zip ties as a back-up.

There will be no cheering section in this race so I made up my own.

The first time I pull this out will be in the dark at about 4am and I’m sure it will crack me up.

Here is the Csikszentmihalyi quote for this race.

“Optimal experiences usually involve a fine balance between ones ability to act and the available opportunities for action. When high challenges are matched with high skills, then the deep involvement that sets flow apart from ordinary life is likely to occur. Flow experiences provide the flashes of intense living against the background of everyday life. The sense of time is distorted: hours seem to pass by in minutes. When a person’s entire being is stretched in the full functioning of mind and body, whatever one does becomes worth doing for its own sake.”