mom & daughter first ride

I was running a little late this afternoon so finished up my ride at the school. It was the first time I have been on a bike too with Emma on hers. Our first mom n’ daughter ride. Awww. That was really cool. She is so cute with her little bike and backpack.

Bikes and big smiles…awwwww….

She was tired when we got home and fell asleep on the sofa. Wes had a birthday party we had to drive him over to and I had to wake her up to put her in the car. In her half awake groggy state she che cried “Mommy I don’t wanna go in the car I wanna ride my 2 wheeler”.


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  1. Emma’s smile looks like her mommy when she comes across the finish line. It must be a genetic thing. What a cutie!

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