Saw wild horses. Got snowed on. Had an adventure.

So cool. Made my day.

Here is a map of my ride:

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  1. Dave Byers:

    So friggin’ cool! Very stoked you are riding again…for 6 hours. Woot!

  2. Sarah Jarvis:

    Lynda! That is crazy! Very cool! I am glad they were so nice. Once I was hiking in Austria in the mountains and we were on some sort of ledge and suddenly wild horses surrounded us and pushed us around. We lost lots of our stuff down the mountain but eventually were rescued by a nice man (whose wife was trying to keep him away from us and out of danger)! Very glad your horses decided to be nice and not get into your food. Love the pictures and am so happy for you to be able to be on the bike for that long!

  3. Matt:

    I hope all is well with you and family in this new year. Enjoy the riding at whatever speed – sometimes its not the muscles that need it, but rather the mind.

  4. Bob:

    Sounds like quite an adventure. You got some great photos. The behaviour of your horses was somewhat unique. Horses are primarliy prey animals and their first instinct is to flee from danger. They will occasionally stand their ground to defend themselve or their young if fleeing is not an option. But that certainly wasn’t the case here.

  5. Erica:

    How incredible!

  6. Jonah:

    Wow, cool, powerful experience! Enjoy being back on the bike. Thanks for blogging.