Springbreak Arizona Trail bikepack trip

I love this AZT sign!

After Scott posted this pic I had to go there to see and smell for myself...our spring break bikepack destination was sealed. The new Antelope Peak section trail that bypasses the gas line and Gila River Canyons sections needed my tracks. Click on the links for photos because Scott's pics are far, far better than any of mine.

We parked at Picket Post, rode 65 miles on the road to the trailhead at Tiger Mine Road, then 100 miles of sweet AZT back to the car. We took 4 days - very casual pace :-)

I was lucky to have my fave ride partner DH come along too. The flowers were wowzers!

Carpets of flowers.

We camped at Freeman Rd water cache and were treated to a spectacular Sonoran sunset

Riding the Boulders section the next day I had intense flashbacks to racing through there at sunrise/moon-set in the AZT300 race last year. It is such a flowy section.

Then onto Ripsey. Thumbs up from DH as we both had a perfect score on the big hill switchbacks.

The flowers were busting out on Ripsey too.

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