A sampling

Adam Lisonbee wrote an exceptional bit regarding cycling heros.  Check it out.

Respect to all that participated in 24 hour natz this past weekend.  Conditions were herrendous…Not surprisingly, Chris Eatough bagged the win in a race that was stopped at 5am due to tornados and such.  

Almost makes me feel guilty about how cool yesterday’s ride was.  As long as I’ve been in D-town, there are still new trails to find…and found a new favorite.  The descent on Engineer trail to the base of Coal Bank pass is 2600′ of pure descending switchbacking bliss.  Here’s the full route (in red, the yellow is HWY 550):   

The weather held nicely, a perfect day in the high country.  Typical views on this ride are like this:

This was the final longish ride before TR.  It’s all about the taper the rest of the week.

New additions to the bike:  Race Face rings and BB bearings (when in Rome…) and Ergon grips.  When I pulled the old BB bearings out a good half cup of water dumped out.  That’s been there for about 3 weeks, no wonder it’s been creaking.  I’ve been told I have good bike karma ;)  The Ergons were a huge surprise – they are going to be worth the additional weight.  Lots of padding for the hands, super positive feeling on descents, and appears to eliminate some forearm issues.  The Wingnut 2.5 was working perfectly as well.  All systems are go, in just a few days it’s off to the great white north.

Tick tock tick tock…tapping feet.