Adding a bit more Stability

Here is the lovely and ever charming Emma Lee modeling the newest piece of stability in my life.

Version 1 of this Yeti had a Fox RP3 float. I don’t like that shock, not one little bitty. It was on my Scalpel and was the reason I sold it. Then I tried it on the Yeti to comfirm. It is a bobber shock and I hate bob – can’t take bob at all. This 5th Element Stable Platform is awesome. I’ve only got about 6 hours of pedaling on it but it’s luv from all directions so far. It sprints like a HT and sucks up bumps nicely. I still need to play around with the settings to get it perfect.

Andy and Kong at Desert Cyclery took all of my complaints about the V1 Yeti and rebuilt this Lynda special. They took off the SID which felt like – well a SID and added more stable platform love to the front in a Fox F100X. The V1 which I raced at the E50 had 175mm cranks. I felt so weird on the bike I didn’t even notice. Thems are purty long cranks for my wee legs, I have 167.5’s on my road bike. So now I have 170’s on the Yeti. Much better.

Today I rallied it around the county for 62 miles. I feel fast on it – sweet, we have a promising future together. It poured with rain most of the morning which was kind of nice for a while but then got to the flash flood stage getting a bit gnarly and stopping me from crossing a raging torrent at Cottonwood wash.

Emma has been showing me how to get a bit more stability going in my mid section. She’s the core training expert around here.

So now all I have left to figure out is how to get a bit more stability in my head. I’ve been driving the ever patient and stable Steve to the end of his limit recently and am not sure why???