Afternoon light…magic?

Somebody got a new bike today.

Alternating sessions of the new obsession (now I understand 2 new things:  why blogs are getting less attention and why the economy tanked) and bike building we finally had it ready to ride about 2:30.  To the back yard we go.

Wee gal, big wheels.  “Hey these big hoops go right over stuff!”

We ran into MC on the ride.  Perfect timing as the wheelset on the new bike is my old wheelset.  I was not kind to it ;)  So now MC will have some new bling hoops out this way shortly.

 Pics are Barrel Cacti, just to whet your appetite for Saturday.

6 replies on “Afternoon light…magic?”

  1. What tires would you bring for that terrain on CL 2.0? I have Ignitors, Crossmarks, or bigger but still pretty fast Captain Controls?


  2. Crossmarks day 3, Ignitors or CCs days 1-2. That’d be optimal, anyway. Honestly any of those would work fine any of the days.

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