Anatomy of the Epic Ride

Ingredient #1:  join me for a day in the saddle, you not being from around here.

Ingredient#2:  I’ve got a burr up my craw to hit the top of some peak miles and miles away…

Ingredient#3:  add the storm of the decade to the mix. 

Time for some pics to do the talking.  Here’s topping out of the Virgin river gorge on the south side.  Great views to be had on sunny days.  Honest Jeff ;)

It wasn’t long till #3 began to figure heavily.

Ingredient#4:  brake pads become a pulverized mess.

Me:  “Jeff, you don’t wanna go up this climb cause you can’t stop coming down.  But I can’t turn around now or my head will explode, I gotta go up this mountain”….

Jeff: “I’m following you”

Hmmm….ingredient#5:  questionable decisions (LOL like there was any choice for either of us).

The top was in the clouds.  This is the first spot that wasn’t completetly shrouded in mist.

While we were climbing and descending, ma nature really revved it up and left this cherry for us on the return trip.  We had to wait it out until it dropped to this questionable crossing level.  Same crossing as the black creek above.

Towards the end we did have some moments of sun and the way the light played with this gorge offered the kind of natural beauty you can only really see through eyes that have been pounded by weather all day. 

Now there are two bikes in St George that are up for sale and cheap!  It was a tough day on bikes…

On a clear day here’s the view from the peak.  Top of Black Rock mtn looking towards St George, Pine Valley mtn is the horizon line on the left.