Another New Bike

It got dusted up and sweated on this afternoon for the first time. Our weather has been very rideable this week.


The next new bike post has gotta be one for me… My mtbs are falling apart.

The pre-Thanksgiving mom show at ballet. These girls are getting a little more co-ordinated.

Pro-mom trick is to make sure the pre-ballet sugar supplementation plan matches the color of the show outfit…

Emma is a born performer. Is it cheating to feed your six year old Mountain Dew before the storytelling festival competition? She came in second.

One reply on “Another New Bike”

  1. Ohgoodness…oohhhhhgoodness…. i just fell off my chair laughing…

    THAT is brilliant……. mtn dew in a 6 year old cheating? never…… matching candy and outfits, i need to try that one myself!!!

    oh-jeeze….. you guys are hilarious!


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