Armchair racing

This is the first President’s Day weekend in a looooog time I haven’t raced myself but I have a ton of athletes all over the country toeing the line this weekend. Exciting armchair racing for me this weekend.

I decided not to race this weekend being the one year anniversary of shattering my collar bone into a gazillion pieces, surgery and ensuing precipitous decline of my marriage.

JimK started off the LW Coaching team Presidents Day weekend onslaught with a fantastic third place at the opening TT at Valley of the Sun road stage race in Phoenix yesterday. Nice work Jim!! Folks came from all over the country for some AZ sun and were rained on during the TT…

Mary, Sarah and Terri are down at Old Pueblo mixing it up in the solo women’s field. Krista and Jeff are on teams. OP has live timing this year!! Check out their progress here. I know I will be.

DaveB is up in Alaska at the Susitna 100 – brrr and all the way over the other side of the nation in Florida JimS is pounding out the 12 hours of Sebring.

Me ‘n Dave. We are off on the roadie group ride this morning then playing in the dirt tomorrow with Scott. Just a simple weekend on home turf.

Holly hyperlinking action…

Have a great race everybody :-)

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  1. Holy smokes, there’s some serious throw down action at OP right now. After 3 laps, Mary leads the women’s solo, Sarah is in her draft, and Terri is not far back in 4th. Go ladies go!!

    I don’t recognize too many names in the men’s field. Sean Allen is looking strong, keep an eye on Brian Bennet. He comes on strong at the end.

    Lots of other interesting things to watch. Looks like Kerkove’s team is leading their division (and DJ Birch is smoking fast too – SS or gears I wonder?), the SS crowd is big, and a 25 team mixed duo field!

    Kona has their big boys out in force led by Barry Wicks, but NM honch Damien Calvert has already put in the fastest lap so far…….

    Oh this is almost as good as racing. Almost.

  2. Blech, I worked all day, no soup for me.

    Go TomP, DaveC, ScottS, TimW and all the other crazy loopleheads that are riding in endless circles :-)

    And go Michelle&DaveB up in Su!!


  3. Lynda, that’s a nice bit of honesty and a nice bit of “coach looking after her racers”. I hope you all had a great day in the saddle. I had a great day, but it was all done in my basement. Still got it done though. Take care.


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