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Trans Utah ‘sploring resumed!

Smith Mesa was the object of our tires today.  Not very technical, good thing cause you can't keep yer eyes on the trail.  Plenty steep though.

Rumors of ejector seats and flying monkeys abound behind these signs.  We sure wanted to explore...but resisted.  These signs really pull ya in don't they?

This is where the monkeys land.

Hey Matthew Lee, this is for you bro.

Zion is part of the route...but not by the standard entrance.

Sun, snow and wind today.

The route was clear to 6500' - ok it was plowed.  It climbs to something over 9k - but we'll have to wait a few months for that ride.

Views so big as to leave imprints in our brains...daydream fodder.

Matching green steeds

Brown made it out of the SLC snowdrift yesterday and dropped some Kona's at DC

Dave was told he was man enough to roll pink...

Obviously Lynda rides more. 

First ride was Barrel Roll.  Pure love all the way!

Nimble, stable, compliant.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


what’s that saying about boxing?

We've had some requests.

What about the "burning one down and ripping around the woods for five or six hours" approach? Anyone want to see my data?

 Well no woods here in the desert, but lotsa hills. 70 miles, 5:50, 360 TSS, 0.783 IF. Route: 2.5 Blakes climbs. Uh huh...

The juicy part was the middle 3.5 hours with 8k+ climbing. Big threshold time bin.

Power:weight ratios are always a key metric to look at.

So now we have 3 weeks to Vision Quest - our first big race on the SS machines to see if our interpretation of SS training applies to SS racing. 

what's that saying about boxing?
"everybody has a plan until they get
punched in the face...."

Coming out

For quite some time we've been aware of our public branding as a unit.  With the close of Team HealthFX, we could carry on with separate blogs - but we'd be fooling nobody.  Not that we'd even want to...  

Life is richer in stereo.

So here we go.  We're gonna try something old as the hills, yet new and different.  We are 2 Epic and we do inhale.


Tomorrow is the start of a race of a different ilk:  the Togwotee Winter Classic.  This is a bike race in the mountains of Wyoming.  In January. 

Dave Byers has the GPX up on the race site.  Here's what I get for the profile in TopoFusion.  107 miles and ~15k vert for the hundy!!!  Have I mentioned this race takes place on snow?  And they've been getting plenty.

All I can say is wow.  Anyone that starts this race I want to buy a beer.  Anyone that finishes get's an all you can drink hot chocolate pass.  It's an intimidating concept and route.  You'd really have to like snow. 

Of course, this would be a mere snack for Jill or MC...wonder why they aren't there?

I look forward to seeing how this one plays out.  Good luck and be safe out there snowbikers!


Camp Lynda Day Two – Yeehah

Head count at the start today was 24 riders. One casualty from yesterday - gore, blood, broken finger with bone through skin - get better quick Branden.

Ride stats for me today 5:04, 52 miles, 6k climbing, 294 TSS, 0.77 IF.

Dave Nice made a few of us all a gourmet breakfast - yummy... and was back at the start on his Fixie and a huge smile. Yah fixie!!

Barrel Roll was in ride perfect shape



Tall guy wee wheels...

More Pictures here


Day One Camp Lynda – Done, tick, fab

Beauty day despite skipping the big loop in favor of and out and back to avoid the muck up by Danish Ranch. 55 miles, 5:07, 305 TSS was my ride tally. I'm a wee bit tired now.

We started off with about 25 riders. Most folks split off into smaller groups once things got rolling. At the end we had nine in our group - 3 gearies and the rest SSers! I was on my 32x20.

Milling on the trail


Chris and Dave

MonaVie gearie all stars

Folks came from Denver, California and SLC for the most part.

Post ride smiles and stories

...and butt cramps

More pics here

Camp Lynda event bible

Everything you need to know in one post.  Well, mostly.

Survival tips are here.

Archive of all Camp Lynda posts is here.

GPS files:  attached to this post is a single MapSource file containing all tracks and waypoints for Camp Lynda.  If you are using a garmin gps (and who isn't?) use this file in MapSource to upload the tracks so names will be preserved.  If you are uploading from any other software, use the individual gpx files from previous posts.


Day 1: Saturday, Jan 12

Day 2: Sunday, Jan 13

Day 3: Monday, Jan 14

  • arrive 7:45 AM, rollout 8 AM, Sheep Bridge.  See day 3 post and gps file for details on Sheep Bridge location.
  • leave nothing on trail.
  • leave spent and grinning.

Post questions here, unless personal, then shoot an email to