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Camp Lynda survival tips

Some tips to make it through the camp:

Tires:  lots of prickly stuff around here, especially goatheads.  Stans, Specialized Airlock tubes, Slimetubes or equivalent is recommended. 

GPS files:  all the files are attached to the respective day's posts.  Upload them to your GPS soon so that if you have any issues/questions you can ask them.

Lodging:  Days 1 and 2 will start near Sunset and Bluff.  Nearest hotels are south of StG Blvd on Bluff or the blvd.

Weather:  it's a wet weekend right now, but all looks clear for the camp.  Don't hold me to that...  Highs in the 40s/50s, early starts near freezing.  Lights not needed unless you are really pushing the limits on your own.

Wet weather options:  we'll ride if it rains.  Most trails are shutdown in the wet tho, too much clay.  Some sandier options still exist, but it could mean road.  These details will be posted at the last minute if required.

Mojo:  Bring it.

Dinner meeting time & locales:

Sat - 6pm, Bajio Grill, corner of Sunset & Bluff.

Sun - 6pm, Mandarin Buffet Chinese.  All you can eat in prep for the big day 3 adventure.

See ya Saturday.  This may be the Mormon capitol of the world, but there is still a Starbucks near the start of day 1...

Camp Lynda day 3

The meeting place for day 3 is Sheep Bridge, 8 AM.  This is a dirt parking area along the Virgin river gorge just before Virgin.  Heading towards Zion on Hwy 9 from Hurricane you'll see a small green street sign for "Sheep Bridge" just before the small town of Virgin - head right on that.  Take the first major right to the parking area.  See the attached GPS file for the exact location of the start point.

The route has plenty of options, including the short optional 16 mile Gooseberry segment I decided to include.  The main course is a 45 mile loop (shown in blue below) that circumnavigates Gooseberry Mesa in a clockwise direction.  We'll start on singletrack then hit a couple jeep roads in the shadows of Gooseberry before a short highway segment to Rockville.  From Rockville it's up up up to the Gooseberry decision point. 

The optional Goose section (in red) is a progressively technical jeep road before hitting the trail to the point overlooking most of Washington county, then coming back via the Yellow, North rim, and Windmill trails.  Expect roughly 2 hours for this section...and some really enjoyable technical riding along big views.

Back on the blue main route, it's a short bit before making it to a gas station/refuel spot in Apple Valley.  A couple miles of pave lead to dirt roads under Little Creek mesa.  The main route finishes with a rippin descent on the Jem trail back to the start.

Not enough?  The yellow loop below is the Jem/Goulds/Hurricane rim loop.  All singletrack and about 25 miles, that option is for pure chronics only.

Profiles for each section.

Blue loop

Red loop

Yellow loop

This day is designed to be a biggie.  The optional routes offer plenty of terrain to make it all you can bite off in the limited January daylight hours.  The intended route is blue, red, blue then yellow loops - the red and yellow loops being optional - for a total of 86 possible miles.  Choose your poison. 

Come with cameras...and mojo.


Training camp #1

Day 1 of 08's first training camp:  Yuri cruising the secret singletrack.  St George will never become the MTB destination that Moab is cause the real gems are hidden from view.  Unmapped, unpublished.  Local knowledge required.  That's where I come in.  LOL there was still some headscratching as the real local guide is in Scotland, but we still got'r done.  A Zen experience you could say.

Yuri is sporting a new Marin 5" travel XC ready rig with the new XTR.  Sweeeeeet bike, it's like what everyone rides out here minus 10 pounds.

3 more days.  Trails are drying out nicely and a warming trend is coming.  Give a holler if you feel the need to join in the fun. 



Something old, something new

Here's a view I never tire of.

Christmas morning the family was fast asleep so I snuck out for a joyride in familiar terrain.  Not having been here for nearly 2 years, it was waaay better than expected.  On the SS, it was so new and fresh even though the trails are so familiar.  After the ride it just didn't matter how the rest of the day went, it was already a success.  But it got so much better.

So that's about it for the obligatory cycling stuff.  The real Christmas gem this year came from Dixie.  Remember Dixie, the gal who announced her wedding a few days before the Moab 24 hour race?  Yes, that Dixie.  Really, how many Dixies could there be anyway?

To make a long and personal story short, she put together a set of 8 stories about our childhood together, complete with pictures and all wrapped in a handmade leather booklet.  The stories are great, and what's even better I don't recall most of the details but she tells it like it was yesterday.  Things like "With you I learned that if you skip school enough the truant officer will come" and "if you toss a match on a mattress the house will burn down" jump right off the page.  And then there was the trick or treating session she just had to be part of, but unbeknownst to her I had mapped out the entire town and we went waaaay beyond the borders of our neighborhood and didn't stop until we had mountains of candy. 

And all this time I'd been thinking my manic nature on the bike came on recently.  She taught me I've had it all along.  Cycling isn't the constant, manic is... 

Here's the lucky guy.  Boyd, I hope you understand what a great gal you've got.  All you gotta do is be her best friend.  Get that right and the rest is easy.


Merry Christmas

It hasn't been so deserty here in the desert recently. We have had a ton of rain recently which has shut down most of my favorite trails. I wake up in the morning with a certain trail calling me but the dampness has me denied. The moisture turned a funny white color yesterday. What is this strange white stuff?

Yesterday the choice was road - paved or gravel. This is the top of West Canyon. Twas beautiful up there with a little sparkly white stuff. Even my guardian angel came out for the ride.

We mapped out an awesome route for day 3 of Camp Lynda. Two loops. The first about 65 miles, a pit-stop/bail-out at the cars then another 25 miles if you are manic. The plan was to ride it today but the wetness has shut that down. Hmmm - could be a problem in January too.

Day three teaser pics:

Thou shallest honor thy singletrackness.

Funky bridgeness. After crossing this bridge there is a nice little climb. I think I'll bring gears on day three. They'll help a lot on this little climb.

Big views on the way up the little climb to distract.

Merry Christmas to all. I'm off to Scotland tomorrow with the kiddies to celebrate mine.

Ergon at Camp Lynda

Jeff Kerkove, LW Coaching athlete and Ergon marketing guru, will be attending all 3 days of Camp Lynda.  For those that are also attending Jeff will allow those interested in demoing Ergon product during the 3 days of camp.  Nothing like taking the products straight out into the elements!

Ergon product available  for demo is as follows


If you are interested in demoing any product during the 3 day camp, please e-mail Jeff at to express your interest.  Note, only product requested via e-mail will be brought to St. George.

I've been running the GE1 grips on my SS for a month now. I'm picky and if sumthin' makes me grumpy it is off my bike asap. These grips are still on... They are nice and small diameter - I like that a lot. They don't have barends but do have a wee lip at the end to help remind me how far along the bars my hands are. I like that a lot too. I am a bit of a bar end addict and I mainly use them to keep my hands from slippping off the end of the bars not for extra hand positions. These lips get the job done without death impaling barend danger. Dave will tell you bar ends can break ribs clean apart.

They are clamp on too. Gives me confidence they are not going to fly off my bars or twist on me when I am cranking my single gear up a roller at 600+ watts. Uh huh!

They come in green too. I like my stealth black ones on my black Rig with the black fork. It looks fast... Disguises the fact the bike weighs in about 28 lbs...oink, oink...

Camp Lynda Day 2 details

Day 2 Jan 13, leaving 9am sharp.  Start and Finish point is Lins grocery store parking lot, 1930 W Sunset Blvd, StG.  Ya got your choice of Lins, and across the road Albertsons and McDonalds for pre and post ride grub.  Yummy!

This is a 5-7 hour ride w/ no water on route - and no filter options.  It's a dry one so come carrying your goods.  If ya'll want to have water midway organize a car to be at Bloomington...but yer on yer own for that one.  Park at the end of Navajo drive.  Navajo drive is 2-3 hours or about 20 miles in, before the Blakes climb and a good place to bail for those looking for a shorter day. 

He he he, I give you a 20 mile warmup before the big climb...

Here's the map overview - Barrel Roll singletrack, Stucki (wide singletrack), Blakes climb (big red blob on profile).  Lots of shortcuts, bailouts, and extenstion options.  Follow the arrows for the full route.  You'll be riding further and climbing more than the gps file indicates.  You can thank that 250 garmin point limit.

Barrel Roll.  The sign says look at the view.  The arrow/dot sign cracks me up!

View from Blakes. Ya'll love Blakes - deceptive desert climbing at it's best. Ya gotta ride it to know what I'm talking about.  A wee perspective, that lil' hill on the horizon is 8,000' taller than StG.

The attached zip file below has the .gpx and Garmin file for the day.