The path to enlightenment: manic or nibbling away?

Ah, holiday time.  I always get a bit retrospective this time of year… Using all sorts of resources I’ve been trying to piece together that optimal picture of the perfect training and racing year.  No matter how many studies, theories, or blogs I read, it always comes back to my own training data.  There just […]

Camp Lynda Day One Details

January 12th. Day 1 of Camp Lynda is the big Silver Reef Loop. Starting at Desert Cyclery Bike shop at 9am sharp. 1091 North Bluff Street, #1503, St George. We’ll head up the road and into the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.  Catch the Powerline Trail to Mill Creek, over to Church Rocks, along Prospector Trail to Red Cliffs. […]

Camp Lynda Navigation

Check out the new “Camp Lynda” link on the left menu bar under Post Categories. Follow that link to get all Camp Lynda info and posts. And now a word from the Camp Lynda  CTO… Disclaimer 1:  Camp Lynda is a no-nonsense self-supported binge training mission.  We’ll do our best to ensure everyone knows the routes.  A prime […]

Destination Foods

I’m still infected with the SS bug. I headed over to Desert Cyclery on Friday and picked up a few new gears. I was looking forward to riding on Saturday but it rained most of Friday. I thought the trails might be too sloppy. I hate being the dork to rut up the trails by riding […]

Square Top denial

North and a bit west of St George is a range of mountains snuggled up against the Nevada border.  They haven’t hit my radar at all yet ’cause they don’t lie between here and St George, not even by way of my jagged thinking.  I’ve put the trans utah obsession on temporary hold and saddled up […]

SS upgrades

The SS learning process continues.  Thanks to Dave Nice’s advise (SID isn’t squishy enough or rigid – ditch) I put a Reba U-turn on it.  At about 105 MM it handles great, and along with a stiff gate setting it has no out of the saddle bob.  Noice. And then there’s the Power Tap.  Oh […]

The Journey

The older I get the more I like to take my time with things, it leaves more time for savoring.    Destinations often have a finality attached to them; everything that happens before then is the purpose.  I don’t seek the payout, I seek the experience.  You can draw a ton of analogies to this…racing is certainly […]