Ghost towns

Conversation with grocery store bagger last night:  Your'e missing the game! What game? (blank stares of disbelief) Without a doubt, in St George the best time to go shopping is on super bowl Sunday at gametime during a blizzard.  How to be the only male customer in the store for sure. So who won anyway, […]

Recursive bootstrapping to form

Extreme geek alert! More than I can recall  there have been suggestions that I just toss the gears away once and forall.  Finit.  Single is simple.  Liberating. ain't gonna happen.  Here's why. Like all of us spokeheads, I often learn via the sensations that come with training on a bike.  The difference between pedaling a […]

Camp Lynda day 1 in the books

A great group of riders showed for the first annual Camp Lynda.  Great conditions, sunny skies, good times were on the menu.  Not everyone rode the exact same route, but my stats were 56 miles6319' vert4:52 ride time338 TSS (yikes!) You've had enough of my words lately, here's some pics.           […]

SS adaptations in QA

A few weeks back I posted a this QA scatter plot.  I'd been riding the SS about 2-3 weeks at this point. Here's the latest.  Both rides were on the 2:1.  The "Blakes" data is from a ~ 2500' climb with sustained grades well over 10% while the other ride was just rippin around faster […]

Goat trail exorcised!

If you've done any amount of technical mountain biking you've experienced the goat trail.  No, not that winding skinny high mountain trail that heads up to where the air is rare.  Those trails are for goats, yes... but I'm talking about the trail that *gets* your goat.  You know, the one that forces you to push beyond […]