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Binge Over

My four day single speed binge is over and it was splendid fun. Ride times were 4:44, 4:24, 4:37 and err 1:35. I got distracted the last day with an invite to go goof around on Gooseberry Mesa. We spent half the day up there but ride time only tallied up to 1:35...

Not so much pedaling goes on up at the Goose but lots of playing about on bikes.

Nice one Lucas.

not so many folks make this wee steep one

Eddie the dog made the Goose loop smiling the whole way.

After the ride we went down into Hurricane to visit Quentin and DJ Morissette's new bike shop. Set to open next month and called Over The Edge Sports. Yep just like the Fruita one. Here is Quentin on the deck of the new shop. It is on the right just before heading out of Hurricane up the big hill to Gooseberry and Little Creek. 76E 100S, Hurricane. They are good folks and I wish them luck with their new business.

Now Thanksgiving is over we can start the yuletide fever. Is it really still only November?

Guinea Pigs

One gear, one GPS, one Power-Tap, one rider...

One baggie of mashed potatoes and carrots - post Thanksgiving ride food - yum...

Yesterdays ride food was a baggie of Mac n' cheese. That went down very, very well too - yum. I'm experimenting with new ride foods. If it fits in a baggie, I'll give it a go. Stuffing - check that one off the list... yummy dinner food does not always make yummy ride food.

I'm my own best guinea pig. When I have the urge to learn something I find the best way is to leap in with my own two feet and do it. It's not only new ride food I'm teaching myself about - I jumped on the single speed learning curve 9 weeks ago and have only pedaled gears three times since then. Some adapting and lots of learning happening. Lots of pouring over power files and playing with data.

Apart from it being heady fun, I wanted to learn what this single speeding is really all about - the nitty gritty. What it does for you? What it does to you? How to train myself for it? How to coach single speeders? How to use the single speed riding as a training tool for my gearie athletes? Roadies have been claiming the benefits of single and fixed gear winter training for years.

Now with coaching, I have a belief never to schedule a workout or a block of training I have never tried at least one time myself. I've raced all kinds of events from Ironman triathlons to Trans Rockies, 24-hour team events, duos and solos, supported and unsupported, 100 milers, cross country, downhill and short track. Nothing beats a good dose of experiential learning. I believe the best coaches have done what they are teaching you to do. How can you really appreciate the full love of a 24-hour solo until you have kissed that angel yourself?

Sooo right now I am in the middle of a 4-day single speed binge. About 4-5 hour per day - lots of climbing. He, he, when I have ticked this off without killing myself that gives me permission to schedule it for one of my athletes should the opportunity arise ;-) But really, one of the ideas floating around the bubble is to do Trans Rockies single speed this year. Currently having only a vague idea of what kind of impact that would have on my body I thought I'd spend 4 days educating myself. I'm halfway there...

Single Power

My Single Speed got a new rear wheel today. With a Power-Tap hub in it. It's gonna kick off some data and tells us all what all this one gear pedaling stuff actually looks like. I don't think the powers seen are as high as others do. Shortly we will know...

One of the fun things before Trans Rockies was working with power meters to figure out how to be faster as a team than two individuals. Dave and I rode together, looked at power files, figured out what speeds and powers were good for towing. Discovered above about 12 mph drafting was more efficient - and a lot safer than towing. We learned distributing weight makes a huge difference and crunched all the power numbers to come up with a strategy that won us that stage race. The whole discovery process was a lot of fun and made me a better coach along the way. I do love a learning curve.

Now it starts over again with power meters going on the single speeds and more single speed racing on the horizon. So far I have only raced cross country distances on my SS. Maybe we can go back to Trans Rockies next year and race it single speed?? How about that...

My SS story

Well it seems now I have an SS training partner and he tends to like to take things to extremes when an idea takes hold of him. Look out. So far I have just whipped around on wee fast rides on my SS but yesterday manic enveloped me in his new found SS enthusiasm and we went big.

This climb totally spanked me on the SS and I was quivering a bit by the time I hit the top. Flamed out... My main goal was to ride everything and that I did - no hiking involved - very pleased about it. Sometimes it is hard to feel fast when my training partner is giddy and 1/2 mile ahead of me after 10 minutes but I was prepared with tunes yesterday and it was such a fab ride.

Here is the map visual. Prolly part of day 2 on Camp Lynda

So now thoughts of racing stage races, 12 hours and Kokopelli all on the SS are whirling around in the air. 2008 is gonna be some kinda fun.

Dave’s Grand Loop Race – so far…

Dave is out there right now on the Grand Loop race. It started at 6pm Friday in Grand Junction. I happened to be at Dewey Bridge on a raft trip the night the race rolled over the bridge. I didn't plan it - serendiptiy at work.

Dave rolled over in first place at 3:15am. He was 45 minutes ahead of schedule. I was just getting up to make coffee when we heard a whooping coming from the direction of the bridge. We were camped about 200 yards from the bridge. Next I hear wheels on dirt and dashed up to the road with one shoe on and caught him.

It was an amazing moment. The moon was huge and bright - almost full. Moonlight was making the white stanchions on Dewey bridge glow, throwing moon rays and shadows higgldy piggdly down on the river. The air was still and warm. The type of moment cameras can't catch. The light was low but vivid. Colorful but subtle.

Dave was in the zone feeling no pain. Steve described him as giddy and jubilant. He only stopped for about 5 minutes and spent most of it stuffing his face. Looks like all systems were working... He was giving off incredible energy!

..and then he was gone. As we watched him ride off into the moonlight goose bumps stood up on my arms and I was flooded with a mix of awe and envy. I told Steve I had goose bumps and he said he did too. He said we just witnessed something special.

It was like he was riding in a cocoon of magic that moved on up the road with him. After he left the moon dropped behind the mesa and things turned flat and dark again.

Seven fellas started and two have dnf'd already. Dave has until 10pm on Monday to break the course record. As of the Bedrock call in he was 6 hours ahead of record pace. I appear to be far too interested and excited about this race. I suspect it may be more than fellas who start next year...

Now I am in Colorado for a family reunion/vacation. My brand new GPS tells me my ride maximum elevation was 10,052 and minimum 8,235 feet - dizzy desert bunny!

We pack light for vacations.


2007 Kokopelli Trail Race Report

Well it wasn't a race but a group of friends riding the Kokopelli Trail - so the BLM officials who showed up to the start were told. They didn't buy it and dished out a $275 ticket to Adam for organizing an event on BLM land without a permit. With that slap on the wrist most of us set off at midnight. 65 starters and 35-ish finishers.

It was a warm night. The jacket, arm warmers and knee warmers I had in my bag did not get touched. We had a super nice tail wind and clipped right along to Dewey Bridge 45 minutes faster than my race plan crossing the bridge at 7:15am. I spun out the first half with FredW and Jeremy. Both have a nice smooth spin and set a good tempo pace. I let them go ahead before Dewey Bridge while I slowed up to eat, change my lens and do some morning business.

After Dewey Bridge I put on my mp3 and picked it up for the second half - my favorite part. The climbs were sandy and hot. I love the heat but even I had one little meltdown and ended up on my back in the shade for a few minutes. Shortly after that a rainshower cooled everything off.

I drank about twice the water I planned on. The day before we scouted the water holes so I knew where to pick up extra - no problem.

I didn't carry a camera so here are some super shots I poached from ssperl - thanks!

Yellow Jacket just after dawn looking up towards the La Sal Mountains and where we are headed. I love this part of the trail so planned my break here to linger and admire the view a little. SSperl caught it nicely on film. From this point on it is climbing, climbing (have I mentioned I like to climb ;-)

Up above everything looking down now after about 5 hours of solid climbing.

Once passed Dewey Bridge the tailwind wasn't much of a factor. I hit my race plan splits dead on and rolled into Slickrock at 3:06 pm. That was good for 5th across the finish line and 1st woman in. Kenny was a couple of minutes ahead and Jason a couple of minutes behind so we had a tight little bunch at the end.

Results went something like this:

Dave Weins   12:45, Jesse 13:19, Brian?, Kenny 15:04, me 15:06, Jason 15:09, ChrisP 15:?.  Cat Morrison was the second place female finisher in 18:30. Folks trickled in all the way until midnight. A large group finished together with smiles at 8:47pm.

No records were broken. My finish time 15:06 was three minutes off my time from last year of 15:03. Dave Weins won in 12:45, four minutes shy of the 12:41 course record set last year by Dave Harris.

Collar bone: Solid as a rock. I'm back in action!

Almost as fun as the race was hanging out at slickrock after meeting the later finishers and hanging out with the support crew. I got to meet some great new folks in person I have known only in the online form.

Itty Bitty Betty finished in 23:10 on a singlespeed to become the first ever female SS KTR finisher - awesome job!

Itty Bitty Betty, LyndaW and brg. Check it out - I am the tallest :-)

So now I've done KTR in both directions. I think I've done it. Time for new obsessions...

Wesley had a non-race event too this weekend. He did the Tuff Kids Triathlon. This was a non-timed, non-competitive event. Just a group of kids getting together for a fun swim, bike and run. Wesley is in the orange shorts getting chicked on the run by a gal in blue shorts. These kids are not racing - rrrrright.