Battling entropy

So this year I’ve been testing Ergon products.  Last year I put some Ergon grips on the bike before TransRockies and haven’t used anything else since, so when Jeff asked me if I’d like to fly the Ergon flag for ’07 it was a  no-brainer.  Let me see…a German company that puts lots of engineering thinktank time into cycling products…duh!

In the chaos that I’m calling ’07 – the year of the Golden Pig – I’ve fallen behind on what I intended to post about a few products.  So let’s play catch up.

I’ve been using the Ergon gloves since early spring. 

This critical piece of equipment is often overlooked, at least until you end up with intolerable blisters or the tips of your fingers ripped off.  I’m not one to give glowing reviews, generally speaking.  I am learning to bite my tongue though if I don’t like something ;)  Well, these gloves rock, plain and simple.  I’ve used the same pair for 2 grand loops, 2 Kokopelli rides (oh wait, make that 3), BC Bike Race, Kaibab monster cross, and all the training to come between those events.  They are still intact – a record for me.  Tough, tough gloves.

I’ve modified them a bit as I like to have some fingertips open so I can find that gu in the bottom of a jersey pocket.  All the fingers (not the thumb) have been clipped.

Initially I didn’t much like the semi-hard plastic velcro over the back of the hand.  When removing the gloves, you pull the plastic velcro bit apart but it snaps back onto the velcro, holding the gloves in place.  I’ve since learned to be smarter (at least as smart anyway) as the gloves but attaching the velcro bit so it is loose – that keeps it in place and you can pull a glove off with your teeth.  That’s something I do quite a bit while riding long climbs for the cooling factor.  Try it, it makes a big difference.

The palm material is minimal – no padding.  Unlike some other gloves though, the material is thick enough so that it doesn’t bunch up and pinch your hand.  Oooo I really hate that!  It’s a perfect blend of toughness and minimal design to make a perfect match with Ergon grips.

Next up:  I’ve been testing the BD2 pack and GX grips.  Stay tuned.

Since this is my blog and entropy has not yet been conquered…you gotta check this out:  Surely this is going to send a few of you into a terminal tailspin and firmly establish the trenchnlines (hi DN and EdE), but talk about the holy grail of geekness.  Garmin is all over it.  Their new Edge unit is not only upgraded to do all the stuff of a mapping gps + cycling computer + HRM, it also can receive information from 3rd party compatible devices.  What does that mean?  It means, for instance, that the new forthcoming Quark powermeter that is ANT compatible will be able to feed the Garmin display.  This is an entirely new level of geekness not seen before.  It’s hard to imagine any limits to data collection with this system. 

A single setup good for Grand Loop, general exploration, and structured training?  If it works on an MTB, I’m all over it.  Someone, sometime, some year, is going to make something that works off-road.  I’m still waiting.