Big Ride Week Post Mortem

238 miles, 22 hours 35 mins saddle time,1336 TSS, one worthy crash (me) and no flat tires was the end of the week tally. I get the best training done when I’m out having fun on my bike and chasing Dave around the county for a week was a blast. I did sneek in one well timed and surprise attack on him at the top of a hill he had towed me up. I mean towed literally – with a bungee attached to my head tube! I couldn’t contain myself after taking some EnduroFX and he didn’t know it was the last real hill of the day. Small victories against your friends and team mates are important!

Here’s Dave basking in the sun with his recovery potion and manly pink mixer cup after the Gooseberry ride.

The week went almost exactly as planned opening up with a lap on Gooseberry. I shouldn’t stand on the downhill side for photo op’s. I’m sure I don’t look that short in real life – or maybe Dave is taller than I remember. Things even out when you are on your bike and when we weren’t on our bikes we had our feet up. The back drop view up on Gooseberry is Zion National Park – eye candy.

On Thursday we rode the Jem trail, one of my area favs. I had a slow sketchy day – the bike and me were not at one with the trail. I was all over the place so took a few short cuts. Dave was on crack that day and took fine care of himself hammering the singletrack. This time he’s modelling with his pre-ride drink.

My day on crack was Friday. Here is the power file for the ride. 9 hours 49 minutes, a boat load of climbing, 523 TSS, 0.821 IF and 82 miles. No power fade for me today and my best 20 minute normalized power for the ride was 258 watts right at the end hauling a** along the road to get home before dark. That’s a lot of power for the end of a big week.

Let’s do that again!!