Binging Again

The next big goal on my schedule is Trans Rockies in August. Right now all of my training and racing is focused on peaking for that event. I just finished a big volume block to push my CTL up into the clouds. I’ll take advantage of that next week racing solo at the E-12 in Park City. After that I’ll dump some CTL and focus on threshold and intensity to toe the start line at TR with a whole lot of speed in my lycra.

Peaking CTL last week was a ton of fun. It is far to hot now to do much of any kind of riding here in the St George desert oven. Last week was the annual Wallenfels family reunion week up in the cool crisp 9,000 feet Colorado air near Buena Vista. Cousins, Aunts and Grandparents kept the kids happy, busy and spoiled all week.

Steve and I got a chance to ride together. This was super nice as at home the usual MO is taking turns. One of Steve’s favorite things to do is pour over maps and sleuth out new single track. It is one of his best talents too and we rode quite a bit of beautiful new trail we hadn’t seen before.

Some of the best ones were Davis Meadow, the McQuaid Trail and Salt Creek Trail. One I don’t need to do again until I get an 8 inch travel bike and a few more skills is Vitamin B.

We finished the week with the classic Marshall Pass-Crest-Rainbow Trail loop.

Big views, lovely single-track. Flowy fast riding. Love it.

I’ll not be putting in another week that big until Trans Rockies. Final tally for the week was 1853 TSS, 1 flat (Steve), 1 broken chain (me) and 2 crashes (1 each, Steve’s was more spectacular, mine drew more blood).

Now for a wee bit of recovery, a few opener workouts and the E-12 hr.

Read of the week: “Girls’ Night Out” a collection of short stories by a collection of authoresses. I picked this one to read with a certain voyeuristic interest as I have never been on a girls night out and don’t have any kind of girls lining up asking me to be in their club. Well the book was badder than bad. I only finished it as I had to sit in the truck for 11 hours on the drive home.