Bits and pieces

Here’s a shout out to Rob Lee who held control of the solo field in this 24 hour event in Scottland, but had to pull out midway due to injury.  He’s already back on the mend and planning what’s next, that’s the spirit!  Just toeing the line at such an event gets my respect.  16 hours of darkness and -5C temps – all bikes were renderred SS for much of the night as cable systems froze.

So y’all know vegies are good for you, right?  I eat a lot of them, that’s for sure.  When training volume gets high though, my food choices get more and more brown as I reach for the high calories stuff.  To offset that, I’ve taken up juicing.  Fun stuff and there seems to be no limit to what you can run through this thing.  Might even make a decent bassomatic.  The advantage?  You can get all the veggie goodness without all the bulk – a better mix when quality nutrition is goal #1.

The post for that 26 vs 29 test I did continues to get a lot of traffic…wasn’t sure why so did a little research.  It has been linked to by several sites and blogs now, including the WikiPedia,″er.  A link to objective test data is at the bottom.  Interesting!

Looking forward to the next week for sure.  A weekend with family in Vegas will kick it off, followed by a week with Lynda in Saint George putting some finishing touches on the form for OP while we dial in our Trans Rockies tactics.  One of the rides she’s got planned:  the county towers ride (or was that the hellhole ride?) is long – 100ish miles, off-road, huge climbs, and plumbs regions even the locals have never heard of.  That day is going to be EPIC.  Look for more pics (perhaps even with people in them this time) to be tortured by.

Pollution is generally bad, yes…but it makes for great sunsets/sunrises.  The sun has greeted me with this view several days in a row now.