Black Canyon Trail

We’d been hearing about the Black Canyon trail for quite a while from Guy and Chrystal. It is a long single track paralleling I-17 north of Phoenix. How long depends on which sign you read. I saw 79, 78 or 62 miles. We started at Hwy 69 at the very north end of the trail and rode a total of 114 miles out and back and we didn’t reach the end of it.

While we were getting ready I discovered my camera was broken. I was a little sad about this as I was looking forward to taking lots of pics (and it was a gift from DH so had some sentimental value to me). All pics on this blog are from DH’s Droid. FYI: Black Canyon Trail has full 3G service!

The trail is non-stop fun. As I didn’t have a camera we rode non-stop more too. I saw a lot of things I would have had to stop to snap a shot of!

Water was everywhere with multiple creek crossings, Bumblebee Creek, Black Canyon Creek and the Agua Fria which we crossed at least six times. Doe spring, windmills and tanks. Made staying hydrated easy.

Breakfast might look like puke but it tasted good. Dried eggs and some unidentified mush.

Saguaros were the cartoon characters this weekend. So many shapes and sizes and so big! A pair of bald eagles flying overhead side by side and a gila monster sighting made for a real Sonoran experience. DH didn’t get a pic of the Gila monster!!!

The goofy pics from this weekend are of me this time and not DH as he had the camera. I had a batch of super yummy Keps Balls wrapped in gold foil, which made me think I was eating these or these instead of a healthy natural energy food.

This evening I took my camera apart. It sort of detonated and springs popped out and off when I unscrewed the cover. I cleaned it and put all the tiny springs back with tweezers and a lot of patience and it works!! I am pretty impressed with myself and happy I have my camera back too.

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  1. That Black Canyon tour looks great. Might have to do that one year when there is no snow to distract me.
    Best of luck on your azt300!

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