OK, I like Halloween. Wesley reported back to me that his teacher said parents couldn’t wear Halloween costumes or make-up if they came to help at his class party. Ha, ha!! So I went as a witch with a big black hat, wig and white and grey face.

My job was to, of course, bring some orange colored high fructose corn syrup and various forms of sugar. Also to run a game. We made toilet paper mummies out of the 3rd graders. Twas a lot of fun.

I decorated the front of my house for trick or treating. With a scary theme this year, not cute Halloween. It scared a couple of kids enough they backed away before grabbing candy!

One little dude came running in for the candy, stopped dead in his tracks frozen for a second then flipped it and ran full speed ahead back to his mom.


Emma said this is the last year she is gonna be cute at Halloween. Next year she is going to be scary.

Nom, nom, nom…


Hiiiiyah Ninja action

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