Borgian Justice

There’s a new link in the sidebar to  Don’t know anything about the site owner/s, except that they have a keen eye for what’s going on the MTB world.  It’s only been up a few weeks and in that time they’ve been busy reading and linking up the goods.

One of their articles give pointers to the Floyd Landis wikipedia defense, his tact of sharing defense documents on the web.  An interesting forum discussion between Landis and forum member one-mint-julich goes like this:

[one-mint-julich] “This is definitely one of the waves of the future, actually of the present. It is getting harder and harder for any one person to know anything that a large number of other people, combined, don’t know better.”

[Floyd] “You called it. Will and I have been reading these from the begining and while you guys are opinionated (as am I) we decided that, if given the info, you would be constructive. We’ll call it the Wikipedia defense, and I would have given everything to you sooner but had a very hard time selling the idea to the lawyers.”

Brilliant.  Completely blows my concept of what Menonites are capable of…