Boring November Blogging

Blogs are boring at this time of year because folks are in one of two groups; (1) doing some killer stealth training they do not want to blog about or (2) not doing anything so don’t have anything to blog about anyway.

Are you (1) or (2)?


12 thoughts on “Boring November Blogging”

  1. I am 3.
    I am not stealth training, and as a matter of fact I am sinking to new lows in order to make lower highs seem even better next year.
    I have nothing to blog about, but I am content making stuff up.

  2. Cyclocross cyclocross cyclocross
    Started beginning of September, ends mid-February.
    Intervals intervals intervals
    Sneaking in some purely-pleasure mountain bike rides
    So looking forward to the competition between kids’ soccer games and mom and dad cyclocross races ending.

  3. a version of 2…doing stuff – but boring to everyone but myself… you know you are reaching new lows when you blog about a bathroom stall conversation..

  4. 1.37 ish. Cyclocross racing has latched onto me and I can’t help myself. Definitely not training hard for it but I am riding myself cross-eyed in the races and it has kept me motivated to ride a bit more during the week.

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