Brian’s birthday epic: White Rim

Saturday looks to be a good day in the saddle.  It’s Brian Smith’s 30th birthday, and to usher in the decade properly he’s set up a White Rim ride.  More details on this ride are here.  The views are like this all day…we’ve got it rough in this area!


I’ll ride the Dos Niner and Mitch is doing his first 29er ride on a 292.  So for you 29er afficianados, care to take a guess on his first impressions?  The WR is perfect for 29ers – I did it twice before 24hoMoab, once on the Dos, once on the 292.  The big wheels roll great through the sandy sections.  We’ll see what he thinks…he’s a gifted climber and a lightweight.  A 28 lb bike might feel like a tank to him…

This is one of my all-time favorite day rides.  No matter your pace, the scenery is grand and you just can’t miss it.  It’s also killer training grounds for long events since it’s mostly mellow jeep road.  Much like road training as far as keeping constant power to the pedals…but it ain’t pavement!

More pics to follow.