Burnin’ Turkey

So how about the weather, eh?  We took full advantage yesterday.  After some climbing, midway down a 2k’ descent we hit the rim of the gorge.

The drop in is quite exciting.

Ride #1 complete, it was time for a quickie egg burrito followed up with a not so traveled route with Mr. TopoFusion.

This locked gate is supposed to keep the motors out of the desert preserve, but rather seems to keep them in once they gain entry.  The holiday weekend has been redneck madness, complete with crash’m up derbies in Green Valley and shooting across the Zen trail on Saturday.

We were all riding 26ers today, believe it or not…

Wait – where is this fence from?  The namesake of Scott and Hollywood’s favorite trail!

Scott giggles like a kid when on small wheels.  Is there more of this in his future?

Best line of the day from Scott after realizing his pack was open while riding:  “can I borrow a powerbar?  I promise not to put it in my blog!”  Only a few bored individuals will get this one…

“Utah hill goes up thataway…there’s a great loop around Square Top and Jackson peak that goes through Motoqua over there…and Candyland, OMG!”  Ya gotta appreciate a keen  sense of place, a desire to grasp the landscape.

We even have water in the desert.  Late day shot, we rode most of the available daylight hours.

5 replies on “Burnin’ Turkey”

  1. LOL we had this ride planed fro a few days and she was working me over to carry her across that crossing. When I offered she didn’t even look at me, just shouldered her bike and started marching.

  2. Dave, been meaning to tell you a big “HELLO” from Nat Ross. Did a group road ride a couple Saturday’s ago and he was there. It was a small group and I was surprised to see him on a road bike. The dude’s super friendly and still a beast! As soon as I mentioned you – I was all good in his book! Have a rockin’ winter.

  3. Scott giggles like a kid when on small wheels. Is there more of this in his future?

    Probably not — I think I giggle like a kid when riding any bike on a fun trail. :)

    Thanks again for the super ride — thought I already commented, but it must have been lost in the sick Thanksgiving shuffle.

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