Camp Lynda 2.0

I thought I’d change the name to 2-Epic camp cause it is as much Dave’s party as mine but the CL moniker has stuck it seems so we’ll roll on. Adam called this next version coming up Camp Lynda 2.0 – I like that!

The date is firm. Jan 23-25. This is three weeks prior to Old Pueblo, Susitna 100 and Mas or Menos so whatever your valentines day race agenda is you can taper after Camp Lynda.

The format is firm too. Same as last year. Self supported, no entry fee, no t-shirt, follow a gps route, bring your own tools and snacks and take a shortcut home when you have reached your fun threshold. Fitness and ability level are non-issues. You set your own pace.

Camp Lynda is a training mission. A three day training binge. Rides will be in the 4-7 hour range per day. Most will have shortcuts. We will meet at the same time to start out in the morning and have an evening dinner date for post ride confabulations. Bajio will be on the plan one night and I am taking requests for the other night. Not the Chinese buffet tho…

Courses are not firm. If the weather stays dry we will go high. Maybe all the way up to the Cedar Pockets overlook.

If it is wet or snowy up high we’ll stay low on the sand and slickrock terrain.

The Saturday route is gonna be a local single-track smorgasbord including Barrel Roll, Rim Rock, Stucki, Bear Claw, Zen, GV race course and Barrel Cacti – about a 55 mile route with many bailout points and loads of fun trail. Friday and Sunday are still under debate but one day will be a tour out in the AZ strip area and another day is likely to be Jem/Gooseberry.

By far the best part of Camp Lynda V1.0 was the characters that came. People who love to ride their bikes.

Bring your game and plan on spending some here in January :-)

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  1. Camp Lynda 08 just might have been the most fun weekend of biking I had all year. I wouldn’t miss Camp Lynda 2.0 for anything. I’ll be dragging Kenny along and maybe Tasha.

  2. I’ll be there after spending time in AZ with the Over the Edge sports gang for the staff retreat….. Then Brad’s 100K the following weekend….

    Dang Jan is gonna rock the house!

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