Camp Lynda 2009

Folks have been asking if we are having Camp Lynda again in 2009. Well, the ones not doing Trans Utah this weekend that is.

Dates are Jan 23-25. Same format as last year, 3 days of big self supportedĀ rides in the desert. All are welcome. Different name tho’. Camp Lynda was funny for one year with it’s “soft” sound being that it was a killer training camp. This year we are giving it the name it deserves:

2-Epic Camp

Courses will be tweaked a little and for sure it will be 2-Epic.

7 replies on “Camp Lynda 2009”

  1. So, I followed last years camp with interest. What level of rider does this relate to? Trying to figure out what kind of prep I would need to hang for a day or two.

  2. The Camp is self supported and self paced. You are required to look after yourself and make your own decisions about how far and fast you want to ride. A gps is required. We provide the route. Day one is an out and back and the other days have shortcuts. We had a wide variety of riders last year but the common theme was everybody was super cool and able to be responsible for their own welfare. We were all at the same table at dinner with different ride stories…

  3. Hmmm. I think Brenden and I might give it a try. That is, if the babysitter is game for a trip! I will definitely be using the shortcuts!

  4. I have been chomping at the bit. Dr. Matt and I are in. It will be my first trip to Utah for riding, the insane pictures really sealed the deal. I shipped the sled to Desert Cyclery today. I hope the trip is easy on my baby. Can’t wait to meet everybody.

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