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  1. In! hope to bring more folks from So Cal. Please please please, the request for more St George single track. Broken Mesa? Ice House? Thanks for putting on this super event!

  2. Been a long time since I rode those trails, use to pass through St. G & would ride up there, use 2 B super fun. By the reply I’m guessing things have changed. No matter what U choose 4 CL I’ll B there, but would like to recruit more So Cal folks that want to experience “the best” of St G. Peace.

  3. KT – Camp Lynda is all about training! We don’t showcase the best of St George single-track. Day 3 is 107 miles on dirt roads out on the AZ strip – that is *training*. Big TSS day. I love that day :-) It is 8-10 hours of ride time, dawn start and lights recommended. It is 2-Epic… tho shortcuts are available.

  4. So Lynda what’s the stipulation for joining Camp Lynda 2010? I’m in Salt Lake but would be interested in joining you if possible…..

  5. Camp motto is self supported. Come ready to be independent and self sufficient in every aspect. Bring your gps, know where you are going (gps files will be posted in January or earlier). Bring your own food, water and tools. Come with your bike working. Know your limits and when to choose a short cut home. Bring lotsa mojo :-)

    Anyone can come to Camp Lynda. Nobody will look after you. Format will be the same as last year. Read this for camp details http://2-epic.com/?p=579. Here is more than you want to know about the camp http://2-epic.com/?cat=23&paged=2.

  6. I am so sorry if in any way or form it sounded like I was being petty or complaining. I know how much work it is to put on something like C.L & am very thankful for your efforts. I was there last year on my gold Stumpy & enjoyed all the routes & the fantastic people. No shortcut for me in 2010. Is there anything any of us can do to help? See you in January!

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