Camp Lynda 3.0 cancelled

Freak. Damn. Tis true… I am the least happy of anybody about this :-(¬† I wanted to make a solid decision today rather a wishy-washy one standing in the rain with 50 campers on Friday morning who had driven miles to get here.

So go do something fun with all this precip like snow bike or ski!! Have your own CL-eske binge weekend locally and post on your blog/facebook/twitter what you did and let me know. It will bring me lots of smiles to see everyone having fun binging in their own locale. Spread the CL love :-) just not here in soggy StG…

Look it gets nice again on Monday!!

The lead in days to the camp are as problematic as the rain falling on camp days. Our most fun desert trails here are all clay and unrideable saturated. They are un-walkable saturated too. Think big slick clods of clay on your feet, or jammed into your rear triangle and drive train.

There are a few trails here rideable in the wet. Those are the slick rock and sandy trails. Wet desert sand EATS brake pads and drive trains. Frankly at this point in the season I am not interested in destroying my bike for a ride in the rain. We all did it last year and *sorry* I don’t feel like wrenching for 8 hours after a 4 hour ride. Call me bah humbug. Grumpy. Yes I am thank-you.

I also don’t feel like riding on the road all weekend, or riding in the rain all weekend or riding with a group of mtbers with no fenders on the road in the rain all weekend. Camp is OFF :-(

That all said I know there are a few individuals committed to a weekend in StG with non-refundable flights and what-not. If you are still coming e mail me directly lynda at lwcoaching dot com and we can figure out the best plan B here.

Next year we are leaning towards a March date. (finger) January training camps in StG… Actually we might squeeze in a 2010 March date – that option is under further discussion. Camp Lynda was always based around when I (meaning me personally) was peaking to race a big endurance race, namely 24 -Hours in the Old Pueblo. I am not peaking for that one this¬† year but peaking for Cohutta 100 in April so that puts my personal training binge on April 2-4 which also happens to be the local Intermountain cup Cholla Challenge XC weekend – so many fun things to fit in the program.

Sorry one and all. We will Camp it again in the future – CL was way to much fun to drop. CL was scheduled for me but once it rolls it is ALL about the riders not me.

At least we don’t all have to eat dinner at Golden Corral on Saturday evening now ;-)

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  1. I am sad to hear about this. I was pressuring some locals (including Dave C.) to go down so I could catch a ride. Doh! Looking forward to thee future and have a great summer. Consider the Butte 100 on your schedule … its worth it :)

  2. Ah, well I don’t know anyone that was coming from So Cal like last time. Kirk is injured, I am out of town on business, etc. Still, sorry it happened this way for you and the others. Very much looking forward to anything else this year like the Paunsagaunt.

    Good call on canceling, even though it is a tough one to make. It was fun in the rain last year, but that gets old a second time. It would have been a singlespeed trip for me for sure. Much easier to clean up!

    best wishes,


  3. And here I was hoping the Sunday meal would be at the Chinese buffet again, had you said it was Golden Corral I would have been rethinking anyway…

  4. Good call Lynda for several reasons including being respectful of the trails. I will carry the CL torch that weekend and put in a HUGE binge on the snow bike here in the Tetons instead. And I would totally come down for a spring CL 3.0. Thanks for all of the time you spent planning routes and considering all of the variables!

  5. Thanks for making the call early Lynda, makes my decision easy now to go skiing instead with all the new Wasatch snow this week. Hope you can reschedule CL for Feb or Mar or whenever, so we can still look forward to some awesome desert riding with you!

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