Camp Lynda Day 1

Well it rained all day. hmph.. So we had to ride a shortened route to avoid muck. Only 40 miles but it took 4 hours with the soft wet sand.

At times it was wet!

But fun all the same.

Turn out tallied 2 women and about 19 times as many chaps. Nearest was me (2 blocks) and furthest was Matt (NY).

Lots of repeat offenders from CL 1.0

and some new faces too.

Brad didn’t find his punch, cookies and lawn darts this year either…

It may be called Camp Lynda but it is not at all about me and I think that is really cool. It is all about a great bunch of people having fun on bikes together.

6 replies on “Camp Lynda Day 1”

  1. I don’t feel too bad for bailing now. Tell Jeff to stay away from OP so we can have some good weather this year.

  2. Hey, what a great day! Fun. How cool to meet so many of the folks I see on the blogs, etc. Good group, even though I mostly see the backs of them as they ride away from me :)

    Thanks for everything.


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