Camp Lynda Day 3 in the bag

The roads and weather were fantastic all day. No pics from me as I didn’t carry my camera. Click on the links below for splendid photos of the day from others. My goal was to limit idle time today and cameras encourage idle time. We rode through many picture worthy views today. The lighting was amazing with sun rays shooting through gaps between the clouds lighting up mesas and cliffs. We were in big country today.

I nailed my goal finishing the route on my 32×18 with 107 miles, 9577 ft total ascent in 8:35 with only 21 mins idle time. That’s really good as I had 2 minor mechanicals counted in that time.

Finisher list so far:

Me :-)
Sonya Looney
Dave Harris
Dave Byers
Dave Chenault
Dave Kirk
Jeff Kerkove
Chris Plesko
Dan Dunbar
Kurt Refsnider

Chris, Dan and Kurt did one of the loops backwards, which is harder so they get extra Camp credit for that…

If you finished there was a 40% chance your name was Dave ;-)

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  1. Congrats! Two of our group from So Cal cut it short due to some doubt as to the correct route but still hit 90 miles each. I flipped around at Desperation and then rode back to the Racetrack and sent some time there, mud free this time. We all had a great time! Thanks so much.


  2. That was a whopper! Really great to ride with Lynda (until she dropped us like bad habit), Jeff, Chris, Kurt, and Dan. Woohoo, hangin with the youngins.

  3. I had a great time. Wish I coulda hung around and tackled the hundie. Next time! Thanks for organizing us once again. I’m already looking forward to ’10.

  4. Well done everyone and especially D&L for organizing the event and keeping the attitude positive. You guys are awesome!


  5. Hey D&L,
    Thanks so much for putting this on. What a pleasure of getting out of25 degree inversions. No complaints about the warm rain. Sunday was fantastic! I started early and got to watch the sun rise at Starvation point. It was bonus points watching Ya’ll blast by throughout the day. I finished in the rain that night, just before the real monsoons hit.
    Thanks again for showing us your backyard playground,
    Dave K

  6. DaveK, it was great to see you out on the big loop grinning as usual. I’m glad you made it through the whole thing, but too bad the rain got you. Until next time…

  7. Big news! Cathleen and I are having a baby! She’s due in August. Looks like you two have been having bike abusing fun. Laterz -Sparky

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