Camp Lynda done, over and out

It sure was nice to have ~25 folks join us for a long weekend of training.  We got to show off some of the lesser known great rides in the area along with some of the more popular ones. 

Today was the finale.  The route had optional sections – one to Gooseberry mesa for a bit of technical riding, and the other a 25 mile lap around the Jem/Goulds/Hurricane Rim loop singletrack.  It was all linked via a main 45 mile loop.  As it turned out the route was hard enough nobody did it all.  I like that ;)

The evening before had us at a Chinese buffet, followed by an impromptu trip to the Iceberg – a shake shop.  Meredith had everyone excited about the magical shakes of this place…I learned that Utah has the highest ice cream consumption per capita in the nation.  No surprise there, gotta keep things in balance.

I rode gears today.  Let me tell ya, it was sweet.  Being able to choose a cadence today was golden and I wouldn’t have wanted to be on a SS.  The Fuel is back in favor, thanks to Dave Nice’s cool hangar straightening trick.  Turns out my PT axle is threaded the same as a derailur hangar bolt, just thread it in, lock in place with the skewer, and wala you’ve got a straightening tool – trailside friendly too.

Early riding with Bart, Matt and Lynda.


Did I mention the scenery today?  Views of Zion all day.

Edge of the known world.

Marshal modeling his big ride food of choice.

So it’s done.  Impressions post event…

– Dave Nice riding the crap out of SW Utah on a fixed gear for 3 days…with big smiles and loving it all the while.  Word.  Day 3 we rolled up on him while he was changing a flat acquired on the road thanks to some glass.  First thing out of his mouth:  “Anybody want a shot of whiskey?”  Ummmm….you know this is Utah, right Dave?  LOL…

– Funniest moment had to be day 2.  At the end of the Barrel roll trail there were maybe 20 riders eating and chatting when Adam Lisonbee comes in hot, locks up his back wheel in what would have been an impressive powerslide only to have his stansed wheel burp its load and roll off the rim.  Thanks Adam!

– There are some strong riders in N. Utah and it was darn cool to meet and ride with y’all.

– Lynda’s idea for the camp was brilliant.  Self-supported, GPSed routes meant anyone could come, do the route on their own terms and timeline, and still enjoy the cameraderie.  It worked a charm, riders of a wide range of abilities came and made the most of it. 

Stats?  Today turned out to be 67 miles in 5:25 and about 4000 kj.  Thats some pizza I gotta get eaten.