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January 28-30th, 2011

Same format as always. No cost, everyone is invited provided you come self supported; have your gps with the route (we provide) loaded, ride at your own pace, shortcut/bail when you have reached your fun threshold. Fitness and ability level are non-issues, you set your own pace, fix your own flats, bring your own food/fluids and lots of mojo to share.

Camp Lynda is a training mission. A three day training binge. It is a training camp about fitness on the bike and not so much a guided tour of the sweetest single-track StG has to offer. Rides will be in the 4-7 hour range per day. Most will have shortcuts. We will meet at the same time to start out in the morning and have a group evening dinner date for post ride confabulations. Dinner locations Friday 6pm Bajio at Sunset corner and Saturday 5:30pm Golden Corral. Non-campers/riders, friends and family are welcome at dinner. Do warn the non-riders that bikes is the only dinner conversation topic ;-)

Tentative plan:

Jan 28th:  4 hours mostly single track. No resupply points on the trail. Meet 9:30am Starbucks parking lot, 1091 N Bluff St, St George.

Jan 29th:  5 hours mostly single track. No resupply points on the trail. Meet 9:30am Starbucks parking lot, 1091 N Bluff St, St George.

Jan 30th:  6 hours mostly jeep road. No resupply points. This means bring enough fuel, fluid and carrying capacity to stay hydrated for 6 hours. For me that is about 100 oz plus 1800 calories. YMMV. I'll probably carry more than 1800 calories as this is day 3 of camp and I get HUNGRY on day 3 of any binge, tour or stage race. Your food always looks better than mine on day 3 so bring a little extra for me (and others) to steal ;-) It is easy to make friends on day #3 if you are sharing goodies.

Courses are not firm. We will post the gps files and routes on this site about 4 days before camp when we have a decent read on the weather forecast and trail conditions. It is your job to upload the routes to your gps so you are self supported and know where to go. Topofusion is the recommended software for gps route upload. We will be providing .gpx files.

If the weather stays dry we will go high. Maybe all the way up to the Cedar Pockets overlook.

If it is wet or snowy up high we’ll stay low on the sand and slickrock terrain.

If it is wet or snowy down low like last year we will cancel :-(

More details on Camp Lynda.

3 Responses to “Camp Lynda V 4.0 is on!”
  1. Grizzly Adam says:

    Woot! Pray for sunshine.

  2. grannygear says:

    Ooooo…wanna be there.

  3. beth s says:

    2 of us from Phoenix are coming… o sweet deal :D
    thanks for having great ideas and inviting others to play along!