We need a new picture.

Here’s the sweeter half of 2-epic standing atop Candyland.


Yes, Candyland.  Candyland is what we are calling this new find out our back door.  Slot canyon singletrack found again!  So many hidden gems, all sweet so it must be Candyland.

 The spot in that pic is hard to get to.  There is an easier way than we used today, but still plenty of  hiking.  It’s a ripper of a descent.  And, for the record:  moto’s go places I never imagined possible around here…my Kawasaki will never see the top of Candyland, that’s for sure!

Joel you want in on the goods?  I know you do.

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  1. I like candy…. when are we going? sunday looks cold but not wet..sat windy and 50% chance rain.friday?

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