Elite BMX

And now for something totally different:  Jens Westergren is researching BMX power requirements and has some data to share as well.  Below is a chart of his data and some of his comments/questions: ---------------------------------------------------- The new UCI Supercross format (Olympic format) consists of two time trial runs as qualification then a number of finals, in […]

Workout of the week

Sometimes I get on a kick with one particular workout. At the moment it is this one: Watts are yellow and heart rate is in red. This is four sets of 5 X 1 minute repeats. Today the goal was to keep my watts over 300 for every rep until I either made it to the […]

Fast Track 29er tire first impressions

If you don't ride & race a 29er this post will make abolutely no sense to you.  You've been warned. Tire selection for 29er race tires is limited at best.  Switching over to tubeless 6 years ago was a big performance improvement.  As far as cycling equipment innovations go, tubeless tires are on the level […]

These are fast!

Getting psyched now...my 24 lb Dos niner just lost half a pound.  The big S just released their new Fast Track 29er tire.  Can you say excited?  Can't wait to try these rippers out down in the warm desert southwest...


Durango's got it. Last night the FLC concert hall was the place of a cycling fundraiser multimedia show and auction hosted by none other than Bob Roll.  The first part of the show highlighted several local cyclists and cycling related organizations.  Notables to get their mug shots at theatre size projections included Robbie Robinette for […]

Tis the Christmas Season

The presents under our Christmas tree are a constant and taunting presence to the kids at the moment and I'm taking full advantage of the "be good or Santa will know" tactic. They were gone for a few hours today to pre-school and kindergarten - my time to get out for a wee ride without the […]

Building for Old Pueblo

It's December 13 and Durango finally got some of the white stuff.  It's been the first year I recall that you could ride your MTB all the way to December.  It's been great, but oh man the Nordic and Alpine folks are jonesin. According to my training plan, the build up for Old Pueblo begins today.  […]