Training Partners

Here are my two regular training partners, Wesley and Emma. They are always up for a ride and usually in a good mood - though never take pulls. The Snow Canyon park restrooms is a trip highlight, for some reason they love that. They get all mad at me if I bypass it. The toilets through […]

Thank you sir, may I have another!

Ma nature scuttled plans for the Kokopelli trail recon so it turned out to be a double white rim weekend.  Questionable at best...the weather was rough, the drive from D town to hole-in-the-rock looked like this: The holy ground (or is that hell?) was warm enough to keep the snow off...but had received lots of […]

Watt confusion

My SRM has been telling me I'm one of the fastest ladies on a mountain bike recently so I've been on a quest to discover where this wackiness is coming from, 'cause it probably isn't my legs. I've waded through the SRM manual a few times which is a weird experience as it is translated […]

Another epic weekend?

The training plan calls for one more epic weekend before moving on to new things.  This may be taunting the weather gods, but I'll head to the Moab area one last time this year.  On deck is another White Rim loop and the Dewey Bridge to Moab section of the Kokopelli Trail: Curiak puts on […]

Brr, Brr, windy, windy reported Fair and Breezy, 45F with 32mph winds, wind chill 37F.  I'm gonna have to change the weather site on my favorites as I take issue with 32 mph wind being described as "breezy" 'cause it nearly blew me off my frigging bike. 37F with wind chill is stay indoors time for desert dwellers like moi but this winter I […]

White rim #4 (this year)

It's official, I'm addicted to this loop.  Had to burn off some turkey yesterday, so did another trip around the WR.  Rode the Dos today with the new PT setup, the file is uploaded here.  6:51, not too shabby for late November.  Today Mitch and I are off to do the upper upper Porc rim […]