Life as a chronic geek

Chronic.  The term conjures up visions of terminal smokers hacking their way through the day.  I once worked with a gent that went by “chronic”, and indeed he was (still is so I hear) keepin’ it real.  But as Miles points out, it’s my new favorite word.  It has a different connotation in my vernacular, […]

Glory on a bike in Moab

What a glorious weekend to be in Moab on a bike. I’ve ridden White Rim in three days with wine, cheescake and support but never hammered it out in one day. I was salivating on my keyboard when Dave invited me along. Half a dozen phone calls later I’d lined up back-to-back babysitters for the […]


those guys operating in a vacuum up in c.springs make me crazy. in the plans for ~ half a year: also in the plans, but date was TBD, 24 hour natz.  just released yesterday by the hoovers. looks like it’s gonna be canada.  no offense to those in the midwest (i’m from there waaaay […]

A different view

Epic rides have long been my favorite.  Dave Wiens once said he wished he could just go out and do epic rides every day, but the specific demands of shorter events mandated some shorter glycogen burning high intensity training.  The fall is a good time to do what really floats your boat, especially if it […]

Brian’s birthday epic: White Rim

Saturday looks to be a good day in the saddle.  It’s Brian Smith’s 30th birthday, and to usher in the decade properly he’s set up a White Rim ride.  More details on this ride are here.  The views are like this all day…we’ve got it rough in this area!               I’ll ride the Dos Niner and […]

Hello all…

Well I’m the newbie on this team and don’t know anybody except for Dave. I did cheer for Miles, Greg and Brent at the BrianHead NORBA xc and you guys were looking strong that day. I was lurking around and raced my first ever NORBA marathon the next day – that was fun. So hello […]