Grand Loop do-over

Second chances are a wonderful thing since I rarely get anything right the first go-round.  Usually though, I have to wait awhile for round two.  Not this time.  Just 2 weeks after the solo Grand Loop attempt (where I got stuffed by too much snow), I’ll be lining up at the start of the official […]

Grand Exposure

There could have been no better way to begin a Grand Loop solo TT than to stage from Mike Curiaks home.  He’s a machine both on and off the bike – the way he was putting wheels together as we talked exuded the sort of expertise you want from the person building the most important […]

Dreaming with open eyes

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.” – Helen Keller ————————— It’s game time.  All the planning, training, anticipation have culminated in this moment.  Today I […]

The Grand F’ing Loop

There is this event that has been looming large for me for quite some time.  My training, equipment & nutrition so far this year has been focused on this single goal.  The event is the Grand Loop.  The scheduled race date is June 1, but since it is technically a time trial event can be […]

GLR Recon

All the goods are in:  racks, waterproof panniers, packs, hydration systems, lightweight bivy gear, GPS, maps.  Now, how does all this stuff a) fit on a bike, and b) work? Time to find out! The middle section of the Grand Loop Race is the Paradox trail.  Getting maps for this has been more than challenging.  […]

Overnight Revelations

The past week I’ve been in Backcountry Experience no less than 4 times.  The 3rd time one of the guys that work there saw me walk in the door and exclaimed “Buy me backpacking now!”  OK, so he didn’t get the specifics right.  Bikepacking would have been a better term.  But I did buy it […]


There are some incredible stories coming out of Alaska right now.  The Iditarod trail race is a 350 or 1100 mile winter race through the heart of Alaska – in winter!  Mode of travel is optional.  Some bike, some run, some ski.  Read this thread over on MTBR and if you don’t get all jacked up you […]