Popsicles and snorkeling

It is over 100F every day here now. Summer is being felt. I had a personal head boil and overheat session on Sunday – got that one out of the way. St George is good for popsicles and snorkeling now Racing opportunities are everywhere

29, 26, 24

Twenty-nine, Twenty-six, Twenty-four Ems is growing into her 24″ Specialized and is venturing further in the dirt under her own power. She is a determined little peddler. Dunno where she gets that from ;-) She has more Diva than I ever will have…and really….I don’t know where she gets THAT from! We stopped to scope […]


Went for a ride with Wes, his 10yr old pal Carson and his dad The boyz had a ton of fun together. Much more fun for them than riding only with their stuffy old parents… We went hunting in the rocks The boyz said this was an inappropriate petroglyph This guys is my fav Chunky

The Home Tree

We went to see Avatar yesterday afternoon. It was awesome! Today Emma did some painting. Starting with this flower. Then some sky, grass and a tree grew. and it surely must be the Home Tree