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Popsicles and snorkeling

It is over 100F every day here now. Summer is being felt. I had a personal head boil and overheat session on Sunday - got that one out of the way.

St George is good for popsicles and snorkeling now

Racing opportunities are everywhere

29, 26, 24

Twenty-nine, Twenty-six, Twenty-four

Ems is growing into her 24" Specialized and is venturing further in the dirt under her own power. She is a determined little peddler. Dunno where she gets that from ;-)

She has more Diva than I ever will have...and really....I don't know where she gets THAT from!

We stopped to scope Wes' favorite petroglyph. It was windy! Wes' hair doesn't stay like that! I *force* him to shower several times a week...

This way, no that way, no this way

Ems is an expert Crepes maker. Crepes make bueno ride food!

Vivimos en un lugar muy hermoso


Went for a ride with Wes, his 10yr old pal Carson and his dad

The boyz had a ton of fun together. Much more fun for them than riding only with their stuffy old parents...

We went hunting in the rocks

The boyz said this was an inappropriate petroglyph

This guys is my fav


Sun Souls

Emma is an amazingly creative little girl. She wrote (well she sang and I typed as fast as I could) this poem for the poetry competition at school next week. She plans to paint a picture of it this afternoon.

Sun Souls Poem

By Emma Wallenfels

The nature above us is the sun souls
We know the sun soul is very good for us
The plants are good and nature sings about the sun souls
Angels sing to the sun soul within us
In the place of harmony the sun is true with the nature
Within our hearts we know when can pray to sun to go to another land
Here comes night
We dream waiting for the sun souls
We know we can be so good when we see the sun
The sun we know is very good
The sun souls know so many things
We pray to sun souls because we know things are known to sun souls
Sun, sun please don't go where we can't see you
Please stay here and let us feel you
Please stay when it is night, stay when it is day
Stay all night and stay all day
When you are not there stay, stay in my heart

Making Ice in St George!

Last night they finally started making the ice at our first ever ice rink in St George, The Dixie Igloo. Unfortunately they will only be open until April. The thought of going ice skating in the middle of the day in July when it is 110F here is delicious.

We went down to check them out at an open house yesterday.

Here is the Igloo from the outside

and the inside

A 25% solution of salt water at below freezing temp is pumped through these tubes and fresh water is sprayed on top to make the ice. They build up a couple of inches of ice then paint it white - I didn't know that! Next they layer another inch of ice and paint on logos and hockey stripes then finish it off with another 1/4 inch of ice.

We bought some skate passes. Kinders are excited!

Yet another new bike!!

Building Wesley up a sweet mtb put me in a bit of a pickle cause things at his school get stolen every day. Is every elementary school like that? His is full of a bunch of petty thieves. Ems had her scooter stolen last year and Wes had a bike walk off the year before. Hats and gloves are "lost" daily...

Taking his new bike to school was off limits. I am not about to start driving him there everyday or actually any day...I won't drive the 0.75 miles to school unless it is raining, which aint too often here...and I do respect the fact walking is too slow and boring for him! Thus he needed ANOTHER bike. A school bike. A commuter. A beater.

Kong down at DC came up trumps for us with an abandoned GT. He had it all tuned up too - nice!!

It's perfect. Wes banged it up and down a few curbs tested out the kickstand and announced it to be "rockin". Beater bike accepted into the fold.

...and now what do I get him for Xmas?

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a super fine Turkey Day. Fixie Dave came along and took lots of photos. Fixie Dave showed up with gears and a free wheeling cassette!! He did make the most awesome chocolate cake for dessert - yummy.

Dinner was fabulous and we all were over served, especially Dave Harris...

The best part of the day was going riding tho! The original plan was for me to take Emma with the Tag-a-long for a lap on Bear Claw trail. Wes had his new blue bike all ready for it's virgin ride which freed up his old 24" red Specialized Hotrock. Emma was determined to ride that! No tag-a-long for her! She barely fits on it.


Wes railed around on his new bike!! It is super awesome!! He didn't even realize how much faster he was riding and how much bigger stuff he was rolling up and down on it!! He is such a natural athlete and rider. It is a little stunning...

This was the very first time we all got out mtbing together. Kids are growing and we are moving into a new phase of family activities. I am psyched for them!!

..and so on to the next event on the calendar