Wesley has been taking Emma to school in the bike trailer attached to his bike this week. It is his method of taunting his buddies who have to stay as he waves them goodbye. Funny stuff… For our PE time yesterday we had to go hiking  cause it was too windy to get on a […]

Fall Riding bros

I am reaping the benefits now of taking my off season May – August this year cause the weather in SoUtah is ride perfect and I don’t need a post season enforced rest :-) As I’m not training for anything either right now it is prime time for social rides. Saturday: Beauty ride up on […]

Arming Up

Wes got a skate board for Christmas – begged Santa…and it has been propped up against the wall since one spill trying it out on xmas day Enter our new body armor collection! Time for another go!! He tried a few different methods to start. I keep forgetting you can’t learn stuff like this from […]

On the Juice

To say ’09 has been a great season for me so far would be an understatement…it has been a ton of fun and I have managed to win everything I have entered. I almost don’t like typing that and I know a few of my friends will give me shit for it!! I have a […]