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Sunday Wrenching and Retrospective

My legs were poopy today after a zippy and fun group ride yesterday (read: I drilled it ;-) Dave got back in town after a week in New Jersey and needed an easy detox ride. Today was just a short ride in the Bear Claw/Zen trail zone. Short but awesome - lovely day.

That left the afternoon open to finish up Wesley's new mountain bike. It came like this a couple of weeks ago.

We spec'd it entirely from spare parts. Other than the frame the grips are the only other new parts. The green Ergon grips look sweet with the blue frame.

Dave pulled this blue SID carbon world cup fork out of his garage! It is perfect. He gets some stick for the "mess" in his garage but it is full of goodies.

Wes' new ride has a 2005 XTR gruppo, disc brakes 26" wheels and tubeless tires. It is rad!! Finished up it weighed in at 22 lbs!! We are going riding on Thanksgiving Day - look for ride pics coming.

When I was 9 years old (Wesley is 9 yrs old now) my parents were really into sailing. They were competitive and raced Wayfarers.  They bought my two sisters and I our own boats and we raced too.  We had Mirror - looked like this and a Topper.  I sure didn't appreciate how awesome that was at the time. They put a ton of work into setting up the boats and all the kit you need to be safe and warm sailing on the North Sea. Back in those days (um... I was 9yrs old in 1979 so we are talking the 70's here!!!)  you couldn't buy wetsuits small enough for kids so they bought neoprene and made us them! Then we were set loose on the sea all day. We had a blast, learned lots, got epicked, raced each other, learned how to sail and the finer points of how to sail fast, how tides and winds shift and work, we broke things, fixed things, got hypothermia (once), saw a real live seahorse swimming in the sea (once) saw real live sewage swimming in the sea (many times) and saw a real dead guy floating butt up in the water (once), capsized our boats (many times) and got them upright again without help (most of the time), got our masts stuck in the mud, dared each other to jump off the end of the harbor...sailed out to islands no one lived on, found things on said islands. We had adventures.

Giving Wes a bike 22lb bike set up with a carbon SID fork and XTR seems really small peas compared to that and he has way, way, way, way more parental supervision than I ever had... but I hope he has his own adventures and has some of them on this bike.

I did goof tho...what on earth am I going to get him for Christmas now???

Me and Wesley time

Today is Wesley's last day of Intersession. He is back to regular school next week. It has been really cool having him out of school and Emma  in school. During our regular daily routine we don't get too much mom and Wes only time. He has a different set of abilities than his sister who is 2.5 years younger.

He has bloomed with the one-on-one attention. It is quite amazing.

His 2 weeks off school have not been cake for him. He had math, reading and piano to practice for 30 min each morning. At 10:30 was PE time. PE home-school style that is = mountain biking... The afternoon was Spanish vocabulary and a chore. I have enjoyed the chore part with my garage swept, house vacuumed, car washed, tile mopped and lawn mowed   :-) !!

But the mountain biking part has been the most special to me. I love cycling and really, like really love riding mountain bikes.

To show and share that with Wes and see him love being out on his bike has been a super special time for me and one I will remember and treasure always. I have been aware of this while we rode these last 2 weeks. I feel lucky for that as I was able to be in the moment and savor it all. Many times I only see these moments with hindsight.

The first trail we rode on his PE time was Barrel Roll. We rode a different trail every day and finished today back on Barrel Roll. His skills have increased a fair bit.

Today we had Michelle along on her first mtb ride in 7 years!! She had a great time too.

Dave was out on the trails too. Wes put the hurt on him for a little bit.

Fed-Ex has been holding Wes' new 14" frame captive. We thought he would have it by now... His chore yesterday was cleaning old bike parts. We have collected a dirty but quality set of parts to put on his new frame like this carbon SID world cup. Now I can't wait to take him on the same trails with bigger wheels and a lighter bike. Yup I'm excited... I sure love my boy.


Wesley has been taking Emma to school in the bike trailer attached to his bike this week.

It is his method of taunting his buddies who have to stay as he waves them goodbye.

Funny stuff...

For our PE time yesterday we had to go hiking  cause it was too windy to get on a bike!!

Who is that??

Fall Riding bros

I am reaping the benefits now of taking my off season May - August this year cause the weather in SoUtah is ride perfect and I don't need a post season enforced rest :-) As I'm not training for anything either right now it is prime time for social rides.

Saturday: Beauty ride up on Gooseberry mesa with Bill, Bill and Garett. Unfortunately my camera died and I took Emma's camera which turned out to have a smudge on the lens.

Sunday: Fabulousa lap on Silver Reef with my bro Joel B. Good times in near ride perfect weather except for that headwind in every does that work anyway? No camera on board. Joel is one of my fav riding partners.

Monday: Wes is outta school for 2 weeks as a benefit of making grade in every class. Emma is in school for these 2 weeks as she didn't make grade in Spanish. They go to a dual immersion Spanish/English school and are expected to perform equally in Spanish and English - it is amazing Wes made grade as most of the non-native speakers don't. This is the first time he has. I'm proud of him.

So he was my ride bro today. We rode Barrel Roll and had a TON of fun.

He needs a bigger bike! We have the seat up past the max height mark.

...and he needs to step up from 24" wheels to 26". Those little wheels get hung up on rocks easily.

Mom: Wes go to the edge and I'll take your pic.
Wes: No I'll fall off take it here!

Auto timer shot. It is not often I get to look like the big person :-) Wes weighs in at 72 lbs

but is it all muscle and bone.

Arming Up

Wes got a skate board for Christmas - begged Santa...and it has been propped up against the wall since one spill trying it out on xmas day

Enter our new body armor collection! Time for another go!!

He tried a few different methods to start. I keep forgetting you can't learn stuff like this from your mom. I had to bite my lip (and was mostly unsuccessful!)

But he managed to ignore me

Took a couple of spills that were TOTALLY saved by the elbow pads and quickly got going fast enough he was hard to catch on film.

Like this mom? Wes let her have one little try then grabbed it right back. Suddenly the skate board is the hot ticket.

...and the motor scooter is now so yesterday!!

On the Juice

To say '09 has been a great season for me so far would be an has been a ton of fun and I have managed to win everything I have entered. I almost don't like typing that and I know a few of my friends will give me shit for it!! I have a couple of the best training partners in the world who like to keep me humble... It has been an eclectic mix of events too. So far I have done a solo single speed 24 hour, a geared cross country, a geared 50 miler and a solo single speed 12 hour.

One of the focuses in 2009 has been to step up the attention paid to nutrition. I also stepped up the attention I paid to what I fed my kids. It is really easy to feed them garbage food cause it is convenient and they like it a lot. They have balked at a few things but the big success has been the juicer.

I bought an Omega 8300 juicer - which is almost the most expensive one out there at $235 - whew!! The reason was that it was quiet. I knew the kids would not like the noisy violent type juicers.

Wow they love this juicer!!! They can put it together themselves without any help and juice away. The primo job is plunging. They bicker over that!! The barrel is clear plastic and you can see the veggies or fruit getting crushed and squished - it's cool!!

Now they have juice for breakfast and when they come home from school they want to juice for their snack rather than dive for the cookies. So far they like the fruit a whole lot better than the veggies. I sneak in a couple of spoonfuls of glutamine in the juice mix and sit back as a happy mom watching them lap it up :-) I have a couple of really special kids.

We got our first red tomato out of the garden last week. It got chopped and plunged thru the juicer...I wanted to eat it whole but it was 2 against 1.

The juicer will puree stuff too. We are really going crazy with it now we have figured out we can make shaved ice with the puree setting. A pureed strawberry mixed with shaved ice - yum! Wes came up with the idea of making mashed potatoes with it at breakfast this morning - reckon we will be trying that for dinner tonight.

2009 Cholla Challenge Race Report

Fun day! Wes - 1st, Emma - 4th and me - 1st :-) We all came home with ribbons. MtbRace News report here.

They updated the course this year with extra single-track. It's now a blast whereas before it was ho-hum. The day before rain storm put the course in race perfect shape. It was fast and I rolled it in close to the 90 min mark. What a short race for me! Normally I am just starting to get settled in at the 90 min mark!!

Dave came to be support guru for the day so I could put on my chammy and race. Thanks Dave - you are awesome!

Dave's first job, minutes before the kids race, was search and rescue to locate Wesley and his pal Scott who had gone off to ride the kids course and not returned. He found them roaming off down in the direction of the Grand Canyon I think. The kids course was poorly marked.

Next up he was Emma's chaperone in her race.

She was crashed out on the start line by another kid who reportedly came flying in at her from the side. It hurt her leg. Some sobbing pursued then she raced it out for a nice 4th place finish in the 9 and under girls.

Here is the 9 and under boys start. Bryn sporting his new "big" 24" wheels and Wes right behind. Wheel size is an issue for these kids as we all know bigger wheels are faster...At the last race Bryn was on a 20-er...

Wes and Bryn yo-yoed and battled it out. Wes punched it on the last hill to finish first again. He had to work harder for it this time and came darn near to puking on the finish-line.

Wes and Bryn (yes I'll be getting Wes a new helmet shortly...)

Next up was my race. Emma took control of the camera and got some great shots while sitting on top of Dave's shoulders.

The XC gals started super fast - I am not used to that and got caught behind off the line. I made it up to Sue Butler's wheel with a little tight passing and a few big watt bursts before the first climb. We rode together for the first lap with a brief visit from KC. The second and third laps I rode on ahead and leap frogged through the tail end of the Expert men who started in front of us. The race was over in a flash.

Here I am drilling it up the last climb, just cause...29er uh huh...

1st - me (, 2nd Sue Butler (Monavie-Cannondale), 3rd KC Holley (Gary Fisher). Jen Hanks (Revolution/Peak Fasteners), Erika Powers (Revolution/Peak Fasteners) and DJ Morisette (Over The Edge, Hurricane) rounded out the Pro womens field. We have some strong gals here in Utah.

Emma always loves to come to the podium. She is still my wee girly I carry around but she looks huge in this pic. It makes me laugh cause I don't think of her as being this big.

So that was fun and I will be putting more shorter races into my schedule this year I think...

100,00 mile checkup

One of the most challenging aspects of staying on top of my game is understanding how to manage change.  You'd think that if it worked once it would work again, right?  Nope.  It is never that simple.  The reality is things are always in flux.  Understanding the ebb and flow of this (un)raveling ball of string has taken the forefront of my conciousness of late.

These periods of seeking elightenment often come about as a result of enexpected results.  Yes, OP is what I'm talking about.  Perfect prep, showing up with (I thought) perfect form, only to be taken out with GI issues.  At first I chalked it up to something outside of my control.  But was it? 

Maybe not.  Both LW and I knew there was a lesson in this one...but I had no idea.  It was time to let go of the bikes for a bit and see what showed up between my ears.  For the first time in a couple years CTL is below 100! 

I'll thank my parents for a gnarly family history for the first checkup to make sure there is  no gum in the works.  The dreaded colonoscopy was Tuesday.  They did take pictures but they are not that exciting - let me know if  you really want to see them.  It did provide fodder for endless conversation with Wes (LWs 9 yo boy.  Ever hear of the "Magic Schoolbus?"  An animated kids movie of a school bus going through a human intestistinal track...he was most interested in the point of entry/exit).  Wed began the dental work - cleaning turned into an all day affair and liquid diet.  Thu was even better with wisdom teeth extraction.  This one was a bigger deal than I anticipated, including lots of bone graft to the pieces of jawbone removed and a 2 week course of antibiotics.  No spitting, drinking through straws or exercise for 2 days!  I've developed insomnia :)  The happy gas as they call it was a real treat though.  Way better than getting knocked out.

So...this impromtu training break leads to a lot of new thoughts and understanding.  The training part I have pretty dialed these days, but the real trick is to keep high training volumes fueled optimally in a way that allows your body to make the most of it and still work as it needs to.  Easier said than done because when caloric needs rise they get filled with sub-optimal fuels (apple pie, anyone?).  I think as I age I can't get away with laziness in the kitchen as much as before.  Lots of ideas to try out!  A gluten free diet is at the top of the list.  The guys over at First Endurance have some interesting things to say about it as it pertains to athletes, and CVV leans that way.  Us enduro nuts do things with our bodies evolution didn't prepare us for.  If we're gonna be bull-headed about it we better get smart!

A rare steam of consciousness blog.  Now for some visual content.

Emma never  hikes alone.

3 generations!

There's a hidden gnome in there.