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Another New Bike

It got dusted up and sweated on this afternoon for the first time. Our weather has been very rideable this week.


The next new bike post has gotta be one for me... My mtbs are falling apart.

The pre-Thanksgiving mom show at ballet. These girls are getting a little more co-ordinated.

Pro-mom trick is to make sure the pre-ballet sugar supplementation plan matches the color of the show outfit...

Emma is a born performer. Is it cheating to feed your six year old Mountain Dew before the storytelling festival competition? She came in second.


OK, I like Halloween. Wesley reported back to me that his teacher said parents couldn't wear Halloween costumes or make-up if they came to help at his class party. Ha, ha!! So I went as a witch with a big black hat, wig and white and grey face.

My job was to, of course, bring some orange colored high fructose corn syrup and various forms of sugar. Also to run a game. We made toilet paper mummies out of the 3rd graders. Twas a lot of fun.

I decorated the front of my house for trick or treating. With a scary theme this year, not cute Halloween. It scared a couple of kids enough they backed away before grabbing candy!

One little dude came running in for the candy, stopped dead in his tracks frozen for a second then flipped it and ran full speed ahead back to his mom.


Emma said this is the last year she is gonna be cute at Halloween. Next year she is going to be scary.

Nom, nom, nom...


Hiiiiyah Ninja action


Emma brought home this sheet she made in class and proudly said she was the blue one :-) This one is a keeper...

She is a lefty. Writing numbers and letters backwards I think is natural for her. She is learning to write them the other way.

Best Friends

Kinder's and I spent the last few days visiting and volunteering at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. We did not come home with a pet of our own despite several hundred requests... It was an awesome experience for the kids, meeting animals and learning about volunteering. The sanctuary is full of people with immense passion for animals and kindness spills out of every corner.

This dog called Abby was a favorite. She took the kids for a walk.

All of the animals have names. Most have stories, special needs and are up for adoption. We patted this horse. He was very soft. The kids hadn't touched a horse before and were surprised how soft he was. Emma was always the first one in to pet. Wes hung back and watched. When he checked Emma hadn't been eaten alive he would edge forward closer for a pat.

I was impressed with the kids at this fish pond. Mostly for not falling in. I recall as a kid when we were around ponds, me or one of my sisters invariable slipped in somehow. Mom would then make the dry ones donate clothes to the wet one and we would all continue on with a dry but embarrassingly incomplete set of clothes.

Emma is not afraid. Everywhere we went she should pipe up "can I hold it?"

This little guy was friendly.

We spent the afternoons working in the Cat dept. Our job was to be socializers so the cats ready for adoption are used to people. Really it meant we played with and stroked cats for a few hours.

Not such a hard task seeing as the kids are playing machines. Wes was calm and careful around the cats. I think they were a calming influence on him. He thought carefully about how his actions affected them. At the start of our visit we watched a volunteer orientation video that told us the animals react to our behaviour. He must have listened! He really has a sweet heart under his usual hypermatic energy output.

The cats live in these cool indoor/outdoor enclosures with all sorts of things to play with and climb around on. The scaredy cats sit in the rafters and watch what is going on. Some of them eventually came down.

Some of them have their own sofas and are too lazy to play.

We drove home through Zion and Dave buzzed on up on his brap bike to go hiking with us.

and play in the river

Zion has the most massive views you can ever collect in your eyeballs in one moment. Emma is more interested in the tiny things she can find with her magnifying glass. Her world is still really small in many aspects. Lucky her.

...but now I'm ready to go for a bike ride ;-)


A few folks have asked if I am having flashbacks to my youth watching Ems do her thing.

Here is me at 5 yrs old. Of course I am the dirty one on the bike...

Here is me after finishing the E12... See how much I have changed over the years...

Here I am on the beach at 4 years old

...and here is Emma at the lake when she was 4 yrs old

See the difference?

Nuthin’bout bikes here

Tis nearing the end of school year and the schedule is full of kiddie activities.

Wes sang in his 2nd grade program.

Ems performed in two year end shows to a full house at the college theater - about 1,000 folks there I would guess. She just loves being on stage.

Friday was Swan Lake ballet. OMG they were cute.

and surprisingly graceful.

Little swans

Saturday was musical theater where her class dressed up as old ladies and sang a song about kids being wild and crazy. It was awesome and brought down the house.  Emma was a complete ham.

Old lady backstage

It was the first event my ex husband and his new wife came along to at the same time as me. The anticipation was quite stressful for me. We didn't sit together but it all turned out ok and nice for Emma to have everybody there admiring her.